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American Airlines Ceo: Know All Details 

American Airlines Ceo

Have you had an experience with American Airlines? Most of us have this experience and have questions about American Airlines Ceo. Who is that person, and How did he achieve this post? What is his salary and age? Let’s find out all the details about the Ceo of American Airlines. 

Who is the American Airlines Ceo?

American Airlines

Who is at the post of American Airlines Ceo? The answer must be a personality named Robert Isom, who is considered the Chief Executive Officer of American Airlines Group, and a company that works under its shade is American Airlines. Besides this, he also serves on the board of directors of this famous airline. It was the start of 2022 when the company gave him the all-important responsibility of CEO.

American Airlines Ceo Other Ventures

Robert also has this credit to his name. He served as American Airlines Ceo from 2016 to 2022. During this tenure, he looked after the operational and commercial activities of the Airlines. Before this, he had performed his duties in both posts as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and before this, he also did his duties in the U.S.Airways.

On an international level, he joined many other organizations, including the GMCA, LLC Northwest Airline, and American West Airlines, as executive finance, commercial operations, and strategy planning. At the initial stage of his career, he thought it better to join hands with The Procter and Gamble Company.

Robert also offered his duties while staying on the board of Airlines for America.

Isom completed his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and his Bachelor of Arts in English from the famous University of Notre Dame. He also got his degree of Masters of Business Administration from a known university in Michigan.

Robert Isom American Airlines Ceo biography

Robert.D.Isom Jr. is now serving in the all-important post of the company as president. Besides this, he also performs his duties on the board of directors of America, which he got back in August. From 2013 to 2016, Mr. Isom did his duties as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for AAG, American Airlines. He also remained attached to U.S.Airways from 2007 to onwards 2013.

Before this, he served as Chief Restructuring Officer for GMAC and LLC. Before this, Robert Isom became senior vice president of ground operations and airport customer service for Northwest Airlines. He also worked on two designatory posts at the same company, President International and Vice President of Finance. From 1995 to 2000, he remained attached to American West Airlines and performed executive roles in revenue management operations and finance.

Salary of Robert Isom?

In the post of president of American Airlines, Robert Isom, American Airlines Ceo, got a salary of $7,089,310.One individual who crossed him in pay in American Airlines Inc. executive post. William Parker is the person with the highest salary of $11,571,700.

How old is Robert Isom?

Robert Isom is now in the 56th year of his life and has been performing duties as President of American Airlines from 2016 to the present. The total number of executives who remained attached to this firm was 17; 14 were old, and three were still new. The oldest guy, an executive here, is named Ray Robinson, and he is 72 years old and is also known as an independent director.

Robert Isom Net Worth

The sources confirmed from the reports of 29th of August 2019 that Robert Isom net worth is $19.7 million. He has more than 2,500 shares of American Airlines, worth more than $9,949,396, and the stock he sold out in ten years or so is worth more than $2,628,000.


Robert Isom is the current American Airlines Ceo. He embraced a couple of degrees and completed his education career with a boost in his professional career. The total salary of Robert is $7,089,310.The total net worth is estimated to be 19.7 million dollars.

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