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Canberra Vs South Sydney: Raider’s Harawira-Naera Collapsed

Canberra Vs South Sydney: Raider’s Harawira-Naera Collapsed

Canberra Raiders backrower Corey Harawira-Naera falls down during the team’s match against South Sydney. This incident occurred in the match’s second half,  and Coray Harawira-Naera was eventually drawn out of the field and taken to the hospital. He can talk to the medical staff in the dressing room. 

The collapse initially appeared to be a  seizure that happened during break time, and it caused a delay of 15 minutes.  The Raiders coach, Ricky Stuart, showed his concern and stated that the medical staff were unsure about the cause, as there was no apparent head contact. 

The coach assured him to give the best medical treatment to Corey Harawira-Naera, and they also informed his family. Despite of their team’s victory, everyone’s main focus is on Harawira-Naera’s health and well- beings. Fellow players are also worried and show sympathy and give their best wishes to Harawira-Naera and his family at this crucial time. 

The Canberra Raiders and South Sydney teams showed their concerns and sent their prayers to Corey and his family. South Sydney captain Cody Walker emphasized that despite the fierce competition on the field, no one ever wants to witness such an incident. The focus is transferred from the game to the player’s health, highlighting the importance of the human aspect in sports.

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