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DeSantis Set to Join 2024 Race: Announced in Twitter Event with Elon Musk

DeSantis Set to Join 2024 Race: Announced in Twitter Event with Elon Musk

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is known for his smart steps on pandemic lockdowns and cultural issues, is now taking one step forward and announcing to be a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. 

This move made him face former president Donald Trump as both apply for the party nomination. DeSantis announces this news on Twitter during a discussion with Twitter CEO Elon Musk. He immediately filled out a document with the Federal Election Commission to declare his candidacy.

DeSantis is a powerful candidate and a formidable challenger to Trump’s aspirations for the White House because he has gained prominence among Republicans by showing his strong fundraising abilities and some other smart moves.

Both Trump and DeSantis were previously close allies, but now DeSantis has established his own strong political identity; this 44-year-old strong participant is a younger face for the party compared to 76 years old Trump. 

DeSantis has started preparing for his presidential bids by touring the country’s main areas, highlighting his achievements and giving ideas about the goals he wants to achieve in Florida, and visiting other key states like Iowa and New Hampshire, which hold early nominating contests.

DeSantis delayed entry in the race gives Trump a chance to stop his way, which will cause him to lose ground in national polls. 

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