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Geno Smith Wife: What You Should Know About Her

Geno Smith Wife

Do you want to know who is Geno Smith wife? Geno Smith is a renowned personality, and people who follow him as fans want to know about his personal life details, including his spouse. If you are one of those, then this article will be helpful to know about Geno’s wife.

Who is Geno Smith Wife

Geno Smith is a famous American footballer, and Hayley Eastham is Geno Smith wife, who is an associate at Caldwell Cassaday and Curry PC at present and works on patent disputes.

She worked in favor of student attorneys after going to West Virginia University. While her stay at the University, she also fought for the rights of the children working on different projects. He earned a good name as a skilled lawyer. The most worth mentioning is her marriage with her college sweetheart, who recently contracted with the NFL for $150 million.

People often see Hayley Easthem applauding her husband sitting in the Vip area at Seattle Seahawks home games. Smith often praises his wife as the reason for his tremendous play on and off the field. They are too much closer to each other it looks as if they are created for one another. Their relationship is so strong than their careers.

Hayley Eastham

As we have told earlier, Geno Smith wife is very close to him and often goes to Seattle’s home games with him. The appreciation will add more to his efforts during the game.

He further adds that he applauds him either off the field or on the field and gets much inspiration from her. They are much closer to each other than the fingers of the hand.

How did Geno Smith and Hayley Eastham meet

Both of them met for the first time when they were in student life and studying at Virginia University. All the students knew that once he completed his college studies, it would be evident that he would step into the NFL. Smith made many awards to his name while studying at West Virginia University. The most remarkable is First Team All-Big East in 2011 and Second Team All-Big East the previous year, 2010. This proved helpful to him as he was selected as the 39th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft by New York Jets.

Hayley was a law student who attended her classes and got one of her own choice of internship placement. We cannot pass judgment on how and when this couple met, but from college time, they are a good friend of each other.

As Smith made his way to the NFL, they carried their relationship mannered. As a result of this strong bonding, they knotted in the marriage relationship on the 20th of July 2015 when the NFL was off-season.

Hayley Eastham and Geno Smith marriage details

After a long relationship, Hayley and Smith eventually decided to get married. They tied the knot and became husband and wife back in 2015 in July.

The ceremony was conducted in the presence of close ones from both sides. They have been living happily married for the past eight years.

Do Geno Smith and Hayley Eastham have kids?

If you are asking about their children, the answer is yes. They have a kid named Seven Santana Smith. Smith, with his gorgeous wife, updates their family pictures on social media. Both came into the spotlight from their presence at awards nights and another player’s event. Smith has connected with Seahawks in three years contract or a deal that shows that they have no intention to go anywhere else at any time sooner or later. 


Geno Smith wife is unknown to the media, that’s why people are searching to know about her. In this article, we find out every detail about his wife and share it with you. All that information will help you to understand her better. 

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