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5 Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer: Pick The Best

5 Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer

Instagram is one of the most demandable social media apps used by millions of users worldwide today. It is a content-sharing app including photos, videos, stories-making reels, and much more. It allows users to share their stories with family and friends. People want to see the stories because these are insights into the life of others. Looking into the life of others is now the hobby of many people. But they want that no one can trace them. Therefore, many Instagram anonymous stories viewers come into the market to serve these people. In this article, we will find out the top five Instagram anonymous story viewers that are top of the list.

What is the Instagram anonymous viewer?

Instagram anonymous photo or story viewers are third-party applications that help users to view Instagram stories, videos, and photos anonymously. You can easily see the story of any person in the world without the user knowing that someone viewed their story. Instagram’s default setting makes it known and notifies the person about the viewer, subscriber, and person who likes your Instagram content. 

Benefits of Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer

Instagram anonymous story viewer has many benefits if you want to see other stories without coming to their eyes. These benefits are as follows:

  1. The Instagram anonymous story viewer is free of cost and doesn’t require any registration. 
  2. It will allow you to view any public profile without being known to the person, and you will see all the content. 
  3. You can view everything from photos to stories, comments, likes, shares, and subscribers. 
  4. Some more powerful Instagram anonymous story viewer enables you to see the deleted information.

Best Instagram anonymous story viewers

After knowing the benefits of having an Instagram story viewer, we will discuss the top picks in this post. 

Qoobs stories

Qoobs is an extremely powerful Instagram anonymous story viewer and downloader. You will get to see a bulk of stories and other content and download it without being known to the owner. 

It also allows you to see stories from public and private profiles, and you can download and save high-quality content to view later. Remember, don’t use the content for any wrongful acts. It has advanced download and sorting options and post caption saving ability. You will see an automated download of the Instagram profile.

Inflact Instagram anonymous story viewer 

Inflact is one of the best Instagram anonymous story viewers with a huge fan base because of its powerful features for its clients. You can not only view stories and other content, including videos, photos, and posts, but it is also a high-quality media downloader as well. The profile owner never knows any time that you are watching their content anonymously. 


It is the third-best Instagram anonymous story viewer app. You can view many accounts from inside through this brilliant app. You have access to the hidden messages, especially erased ones. It is easy to use and has no difficulty setting up the app. You can make an account free of cost and watch unlimited Instagram stories daily without being known to the profile owner.

Insta stalker

It is an online Instagram anonymous story viewer that gives you access to different public accounts without having your own account. You can view their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without getting noticed. It is in the top five list because it is more powerful because you can also see stories and other content that has been deleted from the account. You can also download photos and videos. It is also free of cost, making the app the best for many online users.


The first thing that makes it best is its easy and simple interface. You can easily get access to the app by putting in a username and watching anonymous stories, videos, photos, and other post content. Download high-quality videos and photos with relevant links and also analyze the likes, comments, and followers. If you are a frequent Instagram anonymous user, you will find SmiHub the best Instagram story viewer with unlimited features. 


In conclusion, it is essential to note that it is unethical to watch Instagram anonymous stories because you are invading a person’s private life without being known to him. But if you can use it to see your favorite star’s life experiences and don’t use it for wrong deeds, then for fun, you can use these third-party apps. Otherwise, legally register your account on Instagram and follow your favorites to see their stories and content.

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