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Stockton Rush Net Worth: Know Everything In Detail

Stockton Rush Net Worth

Stockton Rush Net Worth. At one time, people followed this speculative theory that Stockton Rush net worth was $25 million. This estimate revolved around the money his family got, the money he managed from the CEO post of Oceangate company, and what he knew about aerospace engineering. But reality was against him as no one knew Stockton net worth. At that time, he was serving as CEO of the Ocean Gate expedition and was also the founding member of this firm. This firm was responsible for sending the local submersibles to the site of the Titanic wreckage and other places in the sea and ocean. Stockton was also connected to Benjamin Rush and Richard Stockton, who signed the Independence Declaration.

But it is worth mentioning that the net worth had crossed the figure of $25 million when Stockton died. The net worth of the Ocean Gate expedition was $66 million as of 2022, which was the previous year, and Stockton was both founder and CEO of the company. So, he had a lot of money in the tank left when he invested in the company.

Stockton Rush Family And Biography

Stockton tied the knot of marriage with a girl named Wendy Rush nee Hoolings Weil in 1986. He has two cute sons named Richard Ben and Quincy from this marriage. Stockton’s wife worked impressively for the Ocean Gate company. She remained president of the Ocean Gate Company from 2017 to 2021, and as of now, she is representing the company in the vital post of Communications director. Besides this, she also represents the company’s charitable foundation as a board member. When we talk about his children, we will know that Richard is following in his late father’s footsteps as a pilot and carrying his job in Washington City. Still, Quency has gone with the law in terms of profession, as he is a law clerk in California.

Stockton Rush Education and Career

Stockton has gone to many educational institutions to complete the aeronautical engineering course and graduate in aerospace engineering. More of his career relates to his aeronautical career. He studied BSC in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering.

Princeton University 

Upon graduating from Princeton University, he completed his MBA from the School of Business and received the degree in 1989 from the UC Berkeley Haas School. Now it’s time to rewind a bit on the career life of Stockton. Stockton opened the account of his career when he qualified as a pilot from an institution named United Airlines Jet Training Institute back in the year 1981. When he did this, Stockton was only in the 19th year of his life.

Stockton Rush After Graduation

After finishing their educational career with graduation and qualifications, he did his duties between the flights of Europe and the Middle East as the DC-8 officer. But he carried this job in between the college days when there were holidays of summer in the college. When he left the college and his duty as a DC-8 officer, he immediately moved to McDonnell Douglas corporation in the post of engineer f-15 program. After that, he did his duties at the Edward Air Force base on the APC-63 radar test, including the programs of anti-missiles by the Edward Air Force base. We find out Stockton net worth in detail in this article.

Stockton Rush Achievements and Submarine Creation

Stockton Rush Net Worth

After leaving college and his career, Stockton decided to develop his aircraft, which he gave the name Glasair 111, along with a submarine for two men only, which was heavily modified and named the Kittredge K-350. He sent this submarine to the water’s surface more than 30 times with two men in it.

From 2003 to 2007, he performed duties in the Museum of Flight Board of Trustees in Seattle, Washington. At last, his efforts became fruitful, and he started his own company named Oceangate Expedition in 2009 and a foundation with the same name back in 2012.

Stockton Rush Net Worth

The sources confirmed that the total estimated Stockton net worth was $12 million, but this is only the right picture as his actual net worth is known now. As you can imagine, even his family members need information about Stockton’s net worth, including the Ocean Gate company. But when we value this Ocean Gate company, we conclude that it is at $66 million as of its net worth, and as a founder, Stockton took a heavy and handsome amount from the stock of Ocean Gate.

What Happened to Stockton Rush?

Like the other ventures, this company sent a submarine to look for the residue of Titanic on June 18th,2023. This wreckage was found in the 900 nautical miles east of Cap Code. The CEO of the Ocean Gate Expedition Stockton Rush, founded one of those from the five members in the submarine.

All five of them went, but this submersible never came again. After this, the Navy Coast Guard launched a mission to search for the lost submersible. According to the development and stories that came out in the media, Stockton himself, a French submarine pilot named Paul Henry Nargeolet, and a British billionaire named Hamish Harding, age 59, lost their life along with the submersible.

There were concerns related to the lost submarine. The Coast Guard is still looking for it to save the precious life on the sub. The latest information search is still on, and officials are trying to ensure that the number of boarded people on these submarines is safe and healthy.


Some speculative theories still suggest that the CEO of Ocean Gate Expedition Stockton Rush net worth is estimated at $25 million. The additional price he has from other sources like family assets and background in aeronautical engineering. This submarine named Titan went down to the deep waters in the Atlantic Ocean in June 2023, but the cause of his death remains unknown. The search is still on by the U.S. Coast Guard and is still on to look for the Stockton Rush.

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