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Tony Khan Net Worth: Necessary Details To Know In 2023

Tony Khan net worth

He is the son of a millionaire named Shahid Khan, and his mother, Carlson, is a co-founder and founder of this platform called AEW. He also played essential roles in different positions in the company. Besides AEW, he is also serving as Senior president of football and Vice Chairman and director of the operations of Fulham. Has someone from you ever tried to know Tony Khan net worth? The total of his net worth is estimated at $1 billion. This article will help you to learn more about Tony Khan net worth.

Tony Khan’s Early Life

Tony Khan net worth

Tony Khan came to this universe in October 1982, and his father, Shahid Khan, is not only a sports tycoon but also known as a Millionaire in business. His mother is connected with social work in America, and her name is Ann Carlson.

He took his graduation from the high school of university Laboratory. Then, he moved to Illinois University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

During his growth period, he was very fond of watching Triple H, The Rock, Cold Steve Austin, and many wrestlers of WWE entertainment. He made use of his dreams to motivate himself. He went in the footsteps of his father, Shahid Khan, and entered into this prosperous world to build upon it.


Tony’s father was an investor, so he approached the Jaguars in the year. His son Tony Khan became a co-owner and Senior Vice President of technology and Analytics the following year. 

After serving there for five years, he made his subsequent trajectory set with Fulham as a Vice President and co-owner, and Tony Khan proved himself when he evaluated and recruited the signed players with the clubs back in 2018. In the same year, 2018, he got a chance to prove himself as he reached a landmark destination of AEW, and his journey of promoting wrestling stopped there.

Now, that was a time of competition as the rivals were WWE powerhouse, but he used some unique ways and means during the promotion. He gave wrestlers a free hand regarding creative control to decide the script. That is why wrestlers were more happy here than in WWE, and the ratings of their shows were phenomenal. His dream of taking AEW to an international level and introducing his brand globally took it to a point where it became an exciting watch.

Finally, he landed a deal with TNT to broadcast his show on the channel, and so far, it has been recorded, which built massive pressure on the WWE platform, and as of now, AEW is a trendsetter for future wrestling. Let’s discuss Tony Khan net worth in detail.

Tony Khan Net Worth in 2023

Tony opened his eyes to this universe on October 10, 1982. He remained interested in the business of wrestling. Tony completed his graduation from the famous University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and after a gap of some time back in 2012. Khan joined a group of Jaguars, and after five years, in 2017, he joined hands with Fulham, but the year 2018 became fruitful for him as he initiated his own business, Wrestling, with a famous name, AEW.

His father also had a keen interest in this, so he invested a considerable amount of $100 million, and as a result, the company, along with its four pillars, became successful in arranging a Mega Event at MGM Los Angeles back in the year. From that time’s success, they gained more and hired some of the essential wrestlers to the AEW Arena, which gave him a go while competing with WWE, and this success further took him to the international level. 

Now, his brand, AEW, is internationally renowned, an outstanding achievement. Tony Khan net worth is estimated to be $1.5 billion as of 2023.

More wrestlers are coming to AEW than that of WWE, as this platform offers freedom to think about the game and better game culture and awareness. This is a reason why this brand of Tony is recognized globally. After a gap of 3 years, Tony’s company succeeded in taking the Ring of Honor ROH, and this program is running on another platform. This platform allows the wrestlers to fight with each other, coming from ROH and AEW. He also achieved multiple awards, one in 2019 named Best Promoter and another in 2020 named Best Broker.

Tony Khan salary and endorsements

Throughout his career, he works for multiple companies. That engage him in higher posts, so his salary remains to be disclosed. He remained involved with groups like ROH, AWE, Fulham FC, and Jaguar, as he endorsed these companies with full strength and power. Salary and endorsements play a significant role in Tony Khan net worth

Tony Khan Investments

Tony Khan net worth is about $1.5 billion as of 2023. It was in 2018 when Tony made a statement by investing in a company named True Media Network. He is now its chairman and owner, resulting in a massive return on his investment. He also made some investments in ROH and AEW, which are now becoming more profitable.

Tony Khan’s house & car

Tony Khan has a lot of wealth to his name, which includes multiple houses in different cities like Los Angeles and Illinois and heavy mansions in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. He has a wide range of cars in his showcase, and some famous cars are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Enzo, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar F type, and many other cars like these.

Tony Khan Charity Work

Khan gave a massive amount of $100,000 to a company named Oceana through his firm called AEW.His company also partnered with the NFL Teams named Jacksonville Jaguars and AE. He also became the partner of the event named Kultureball. His participation with the Owen Hart Foundation showcases Tony Khan’s focus on charity work.  


What is the present net worth of Tony Khan?

Tony Khan net worth is approximatly $1.5 billion as of 2023.

What are the names of Tony Khan’s parents?

The names of Tony Khan’s parents are Shahid Khan and Ann Carlson.

What is the age of Tony Khan?

As of now, Tony is in the 40th year of his life.

At what time did Tony Khan establish AEW?

Back in January the first of 2019, he announced this company.


Tony Khan net worth is about $1.5 billion, and it is proof of their rapidly growing earnings and his investments in different businesses. He does many things to increase his wealth and gain a lot of success.

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