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$105m Clean Energy Deal: Anthony Albanese After Vietnam Meetings Give Big News

$105m Clean Energy Deal: Anthony Albanese After Vietnam Meetings Give Big News

The Australian Prime Minister is visiting Hanoi, where he met the Prime Minister of Vietnam and other authorities. Anthony Albanese announced a heavy amount of $105 million for Vietnam for the transition to clean energy, which is supported by the overseas development package. This package supports Vietnam in fulfilling its need in the mineral sector on a technical basis in a difficult period. In order to develop infrastructure for cleaning energy, the package consists of thorough support for this private-public partnership. 

Australian Prime Minister stressed this point that for the betterment of the countries, working together with the neighboring countries on the climatic changes issue during this crucial period is important. He showed his intentions and clarified that Australia wanted to join hands on trade and economy with Vietnam to strengthen the neighbors.

Both countries have plans on sharing interests like the conflicted areas of the South China Sea and making multigate relationships in trade in the future as Vietnam is the neighbor of China, so issues like defense and security were also discussed. Both agreed on the journey of peace and prosperity as it was in the past era. They commit that both will show respect for the national sovereignty of each other so as to keep an atmosphere of peace and stability in the Indo pacific region.

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