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Mike Pence’s motorcycle rides: Harley-Davidson Is His Companion

Mike Pence's motorcycle rides: Harley-Davidson Is His Companion

The former United States Vice President participates in the annual “Roast and Ride” event hosted by Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa. Some more politicians also arrived in SUVs, and Pence demanded to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the event. Mike has already been seen riding a motorcycle in past events. The most prominent was a Veteran fundraising event in Indiana when he was a governor.

It is reported that he was the only official presidential contender who rode a motorcycle with Sen. Joni Ernst in her annual “Roast and Ride” event. Florida Governor  DeSantis also arrives with his wife and children at the SUV event.

Due to this unusual activity, Mike Pence trends on Twitter last night. He often wears a specific outfit when riding motorcycles, including cowboy boots, blue jeans, a leather vest with patches, and a helmet.

Regarding Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle company faced some controversy in 2018  when it announced plans to move some jobs abroad due to the trade war initiated by former President Donald Trump.

Trump criticized the decision on Twitter, while Pence expressed the objective of promoting job growth for American companies like Harley-Davidson within the United States. Donald Trump and Mike Pence stand next to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the White House after meeting with a company executive on February 2, 2017. 

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