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Amazon Remove Alexa’s celebrity voices: Customers Request Refund Now

Amazon Remove Alexa’s celebrity voices: Customers Request Refund Now

If you integrate Shaq’s voice into your Alexa devices, then it is a possibility that these voices will be removed from your device. Amazon has disabled all of its Alexa-enabled celebrity voices,  including those of L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy. 

This distinct voice option is not available at Amazon for purchase; if you have previously purchased them, they are no longer available to use or function properly. The Verge reported this news. Unfortunately, Amazon gives a statement that they will not be issuing any automatic refunds. 

However, Amazon mentioned that customers can request a refund from their customer service team. The voice options were initially priced at $1 and later increased to $5, so while it may not be a significant loss for most consumers, It is a big disappointment for those who paid for it but suddenly became unusable.

Amazon is winding up this celebrity feature after three years, but customers can still use these voices for a limited time. Still, the official announcement on the purchase page indicates that Samuel L. Jackson’s voice will stop working next week. In contrast, Melissa McCarthy and Shaq’s voices will continue to function till September.

It is an add-on for Alexa that allows the user to transform Alexa’s voice into different celebrities. 

However, the celebrity voices had limitations compared to Alexa’s full range of features. These voices could not be used for reminders and did not integrate with many skills. They primarily served to tell jokes, answer questions, and perform simple voice-assisted tasks. The feature initially launched with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice in 2019 and later expanded to include the voices of Shaq and Melissa McCarthy.

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