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Kirina Alana Devi: Who Is This Unknown Person

Kirina Alana Devi

There are many personalities who are unknown when we search for them on the internet. Why they are unknown and why we cannot find their information is our main concern. Kirina Alana Devi is one of those personalities who is unknown to many of us, and most people want to know about her. This article will discuss her life, her parents, why she is gaining popularity, and much more. Let’s find out her details.

Who Is Kirina Alana Devi?

Kirina Alana Devi is an American girl who is the daughter of Umma Pemmaraju. The reason for seeking attention from the audience is being the daughter of Umma Pemmaraju, an Indian- American journalist and Tv Anchor. 

Kirina Alana Devi’s Mother is Indian, and her Father, Andrew Petkin, is a Native American. Her mother shifted to America after her marriage; therefore, she was born in Boston, United States, between 1992-1997. She is now a young lady between 25-30 years old now, but she is not recognized by her personality; instead, people know her as the Daughter of Uma Pemmaraju.

However, Kirina Alana Devi is now living in America, with her mother, after her parent’s divorce, and she wants to live with her mother for her whole life.

Kirina Alana Devi Family And Personal Life

Kirina Devi’s personal life is not disclosed on the internet, except she is the daughter of Uma Pemmaraju, a journalist, host, and anchor of Fox News, and Andrew Petkin, a Florida Democratic Party activist. She leads a very simple life instead of her mother being an anchor and host on media. Kirina Devi’s personal life is not known to the public except for some pictures with her mother, Umma Pemmaraju. People don’t know her education or family relationships except for her mother, father, and marital status. 

More Details About Kirina Alana Devi

Kirina Devi is still single, and she is not married yet. She is an Indian-American but lives in America with her mother after her parent gets divorced. Kirina Alana Devi’s mother’s media life has no impact on her personal life as she led a simple and away-from-media life. No personal information about her is on social media or print media. She has no social media profile of her own. Instead, you have seen only a few pictures of Kirina Alana Devi with her mother on the internet. People want to know about her but cannot find anything important about her life. The only reason for her fame, and you got to know about Kirina Alana Devi, is her relationship with Uma Pemmaraju.


People want to know many things about different people on the internet but cannot find any information related to them, and the same goes for Kirina Alana Devi, Uma Pemmaraju’s daughter. She got famous because of her mother, but there is nothing much available on the internet related to her personality. She is a simple, beautiful, and career-oriented girl who wants to spend a simple life without controversy. 

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