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Blinken’s Diplomatic Step: High-Stakes China Trip Sparks Candid Talks

Blinken's Diplomatic Step: High-Stakes China Trip Sparks Candid Talks

The US State Department has confirmed the meeting is going on between Chinese Foreign minister and US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken in Beijing; the results of the talks are proving right up front and constructive, which is the initiative of a couple of days series of talks with the officials of China. 

US officials are confirming Mr. Blinken has emphasized meaningful dialogue, and adding on; he asserted his point about how important the channels open up to communicate and what is special in diplomatic channels.

This is considered the first official visit by an American diplomat to China within five years. This trip is most likely the continuity of that scheduled trip which was canceled earlier by Blinkon when a spy balloon from China has caught in American air space, which could prove fatal for their territorial integrity.

According to sources from US State Officials, the news that these talks had only one purpose: to make the temperature cool and to ensure the relations went to normal, which were very tense at this time. 

The US State Officials are confirming the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang of the USA on which he agreed, saying in a meeting that China is ready to normalize things and is committed to constructive relations with the US.

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