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Brandon Fugal Net Worth: Education, Career, and Achievements 

Brandon Fugal net worth

Have you ever heard the renowned name of Brandon Fugal? If you know the name, then you are absolutely curious to know Brandon Fugal net worth. Brandon Fugal is a famous American entrepreneur who earned considerable wealth and became a businessman throughout his career. Many people always wonder about Brandon’s income and how he achieved success. In this article, we will find out about Brandon Fugal net worth, his achievements, life, and other details.

Who is Brandon Fugal?

As a prominent business leader, Brandon Fugal got recognition nationally as West Region’s former EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Brandon Fugal net worth is based on his achievements as Co-Owner and Chairman of Colliers International in Utah. 

Before Colliers International, he served as owner and co-founder of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors. He secured positions for 14 years and made. The company is a leading international provider with 30 branches. 

While operating in 11 states, the company is the world’s #1 agent. Colliers International is a commercial real estate firm leading the world. Moreover, it is also a commercial real estate company working worldwide. 

Though Brandon Fugal has been a known personality for many years, he recently won the CCIM Utah Office Broker of the Year 2022 award. He is famous at both the national and regional levels. People recognized him as a trustworthy, trusted advisor and entrepreneur. Moreover, his reputation is also because of his business infrastructure expertise. His interviews in various publications show his business authority. 

As an entrepreneur and investor, he has achievements like the Texas Growth Fund, Cypher, and Axcend. He has been a co-founder and director of these companies. Some of his big projects are

  • 1,250-acre development
  • 512-acre Ranch in Utah
  • master plan on Oahu’s North Shore
  • Grove
  • Evermore Park in Pleasant 
  • 120-acre Lehi Thanksgiving development

Some of his most memorable servings include

  • Appearence in Utah Valley University
  • 10 years of service at Utah Valley University Board of Trustees
  • Board of Directors member of USO
  • Governor’s Economic Council (GEC) former member 
  • Utah Opera former member
  • Junior Achievement Board former member

Regarding family, he lives a happy life with his wife, Kristen, and four children. Both parents are volunteers and active philanthropists. 

Brandon Fugal Education And Early Life Details

The famous entrepreneur Brandon Fugal was born in Utah on April 1, 1973. Brandon completed his education In the USA and got a business management degree from Utah Valley University. Brandon Fugal father’s name was Daniel Fugal, and he left Fugal in 2021  after fighting carcinoid cancer and other diseases. He has three brothers, and his mother’s name is Jill Fugal.

  • Cameron 
  • Patrick 
  • Matthew fugal

Brandon’s Personal Life Details

Brandon Fugal married his best friend, Lacey Anne Fugal. Fugal had four kids, and now he ended his marriage through a divorce. New says that he got married again, and his second wife’s name is Kristen Fugal.

Brandon Fugal’s achievements and career details

Brandon Fugal started his career as a real estate agent, and he became one of the top brokers in real estate.  He got an international certificate when appointed as Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisor (C.B.C. Advisor) in 2008. His efforts paid off, and his company became the largest commercial real estate company in the United States. He got many sales and high-profile deals, including Wills Tower sales in Chicago, New York. Fugal is very fond of investigating paranormal activities, which connects him with the Skinwalker Ranch in 2016. He also invested in Liquid Chromatography at Ascend and AeroDynamic Jet.


Brandon Fugal has made considerable achievements and accomplishments in the real estate industry.  Brandon’s fascination with paranormal activities makes him curious and leads him to actively participate in the mysteries and scientific inquiries of Skinwalker Ranch. His entrepreneurial interest led him towards remarkable success. Under Brandon Fugal’s leadership, Colliers achieved top rankings among competitors and became the world’s best operator, with 30 offices spanning 11 states. 

Brandon Fugal Net Worth Details 

Are you wondering about Brandon Fugal net worth? We have complete information about the worth of Brandon Fugal. As we know, Brandon is the chairman of Colliers International, a real estate corporation. Colliers chairman attracts many high-profile clients, including Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. He also worked as an executive producer of a popular reality show and earned more than $5,000 for each episode, with a total of $200,000 in earnings. Brandon Fugal net worth is about  $450 million in 2023, and he is expected to make over $50 million via campaigns, ads, and other sources.

Age50 Years Old
Date of birthApril 1, 1973
CountryUnited States of America
Salary Last Updated 2023$40 Million (Annual)
Net Worth$450 Million

Award and Certificate

As an entrepreneur, Brandon Fugal also gets various awards and certificates. His achievement list started in 2017 when he earned the title of Entrepreneur of the Year by Utah Valley. He was selected as Governor of the Economic Council and became a member of Colliers in 2018. He also shows a powerful appearance in the television program “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”. The show is all about sharing information about paranormal activities.

Brandon Fugal Cars and Jets Details

During his career, along with considerable wealth, Brandon Fugal also purchased many expensive cars and private Jets. The most prominent buying in his career is 

  1. Jaguar
  2. Lamborghini
  3. Porsche
  4. Mercedes-Benz


Brandon Fugal’s journey from a real estate agent to the chairman of Colliers International reflects a remarkable career marked by entrepreneurial success. His achievements include leading Colliers to become a top-ranking global operator, engaging in high-profile real estate projects, and actively participating in mysteries such as Skinwalker Ranch.

Brandon Fugal net worth of $450 million in 2023 underscores his financial success, further boosted by executive producer roles and diverse business ventures. Beyond business, his involvement in philanthropy and community service adds depth to his persona. Brandon Fugal’s multifaceted career showcases his business acumen, innovation, and keen interest in the paranormal and real estate industries.

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