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Joel Dahmen Net Worth: Biography, Net Worth And Earnings

Jeol Dahmen Net Worth

As of now, a famous Golf player named Joel Dahmen is going viral among fans when they observe the Netflix series called Full Swing. We can go with the information regarding his wife, Joel Dahmen net worth, career rankings, and the PGA Tour.

Joel Dahmen’s story opened up in this series on Netflix regarded as Full Swing, which moved his fans. Particularly his Cancer, disease, survival fight, and the death of his mother. He became a superstar as Google traffic skyrocketed to almost 2000% immediately after the release. We can learn more about Joel’s PGA Tour, net worth, career, etc.

Joel Dahmen’s Personal Life

Joel Dahmen is known to be a golf specialist, along with his efforts regarding philanthropy. Besides this professionalism of golf playing, he has a great affection for reading books and outdoor activities such as fishing. He has made himself involved with the Seattle Seahawks and has a  huge fan following regarding games. As far as the matter of his personal life is concerned, we see Joel Dahmen fighting with a life-threatening disease known famously as Cancer.

Doctors diagnosed him with testicular cancer disease back in 2011. After the lengthy treatment regarding Cancer, he got out of this worst scenario of cancer survival. After that, he started raising his voice regarding disease awareness. He tied the knot with his best friend, Lona, after a long relationship in 2019. What is Jeol Dahmen net worth is our primary concern. Let’s know about his worth and wealth details.

What is Joel Dahmen Net Worth in 2023?

Joel Dahmen net worth is going beyond the imagination connected with his consistent performance on the PGA Tour. He has earned nearly $11 million so far, and from 2017-18, he is collecting an average of $1 million as of one season. His life income was $666,000 from the famous Corales Puntacana Championship Victory. He also remained victorious, standing firm and on top in tournaments like the U.S. Open and PGA Championship. 

As we have experienced in this article, Joel Dahmen net worth will increase with time. This included endorsing the powerful deal with big groups or brands like PXG, Travis Mathew, and Titleist. The original shape of the agreement still needs to be added in terms of value. But one thing is established: these deals have a significant importance regarding the rise of his net worth. People are hoping that, with the fan base fame wave and golf continual success in golf, Joel Dahmen net worth value will grow more in the future.

Joel Dahmen Earnings

When he joined hands with the Golf PGA Tour in 2017, Joel Dahmen earned a handsome amount. Additionally, another 10 million has been added to his account till now. He also has only one tournament to his name, though he earned a lot of money from there. He devoted 70 percent of his time to tasks other than his career.

Joel Dahmen Endorsements

Dahmen has been involved with several sponsors; those added a lot to his income, which he earned from winning the major tournaments. The renowned sponsors included in all this are a golf equipment firm PXG, clothing brand Travis Mathew, hotel company MGM Resorts International, cancer treatment center MD Anderson, golf ball maker Titleist, blockchain-based platform Crypto Country Club, golf shoe brand True Linkswear, and insurance company Mutual Omaha.

There are no details which have come yet on the bigger screen. His details regarding finance and endorsement plans are not exercised for the public. But it is a crucial share partner regarding Jeol Dahmen net worth so far. Dahmen came up with different income options and registered his name as the most promising player on the golf PGA Tour.

Joel Dahmen House

We have no information regarding Joel Dahmen’s house; he lives in Clarkston, Washington, U.S. His newborn baby, wife Lona, and dog also live there.

Joel Dahmen Cars

We only know a little about their collection of cars as we are short of information, but one thing is clear: he enjoys fast and furious cars. During an interview with Golf Digest, he cleared that he owns a Porsche 911-GT3 with high speed in place. He added that he has a habit of driving a Ford Raptor Pickup Truck.

Joel Dahmen Charity Works

Dahmen and his wife, Lona, initiated the charity work under the umbrella of the Dahmen Foundation back in the year 2019. The primary resolve of his foundation is to provide support and assistance to the organizations that work regarding cancer care and research. They also aim to help organizations with main objectives regarding children and families in need.

This foundation went on with the donation of $100,000 for two organizations named MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Ronald Mcdonald House Charities. For the sake of the latest research and development regarding Cancer, he organized many charity-related golf tournaments and has been doing so since 2014. He is very famous for donating to some other charities. He took many initiatives regarding charity in his whole career.

Joel Dahmen Amateur Career

He was a classy player of golf during his time in high school, and after that, he won green courses regularly when he won two state championships at Clarkston High School. After that, he played golf at college at Washington University in a Seattle year.

Joel Dahmen Professional Career

In 2010, Joel Dahmen converted to pro and started to get going with the tours on mini-level events. He played a few years on the Canadian tour before he made his entry to the web.com tour back in the year 2014. After completing the T-16 at the Web.com Tour Championship, Dahmen embraced his PGA Tour Card. 

He had his first success in 2021; from then on, he has been regarded as a consistent performer in the PGA Tours. He has a huge fan following because of his down-to-earth personality and focused play on the grounds. Dahmen has no issue as he embraced himself with the reward regarding his top standing in the world of golf even though he also survived the hardcore disease of Cancer, and as of now, he is looking forward to something special in his life.


Joel Dahmen’s journey from a promising golf amateur to a consistent performer on the PGA Tour is nothing short of inspirational. The Netflix series Full Swing shed light on his struggles, including a courageous battle against testicular cancer and the loss of his mother.

Despite these challenges, Dahmen’s resilience and dedication to raising awareness for cancer reflect his admirable character. As of 2023, Joel Dahmen net worth has soared thanks to his impressive performances, major victories, and strong endorsements with notable brands like PXG, Travis Mathew, and Titleist. 

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