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Ceo Of Coca Cola: Know James Quincey Wealth Details

Ceo of Coca Cola

Do you ever have  Coca Cola in life? Most of us have had this soft drink many times in our life, and that’s why we have questions about the Ceo of Coca Cola. People are curious to know who is leading this successful company, and how he handles all the chores responsibly. To learn about the Ceo of Coca Cola, you have to read this article. 

Who is the Ceo Of Coca Cola?

James Quincey is the Chairman and CEO for the company named Coca-Cola. The company took his services back in 1996. He also served on several key points of the firms all along the globe. James remained in the critical post of Ceo of Coca Cola back in 2017. He started work as a Chairman back in 2019 in the company.

James Quincey is now the leader who is running this liquid refreshment company named Coca Cola and is in the continual process of evolution in terms of different authoritative destinations. Coca Cola is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, which ensures the availability of the brands and liquid refreshments which go on to make each moment happier in life. This good work is connected with the shared opportunities for customers, communities, employees, and shareowners.

Career and Achievements 

Previously, when he was not the firm’s CEO, he provided his services by serving in the significant role of President and Chief Operating Officer from 2015 to 2017. From 2013 to 2015, the company hired him to help as the company’s Europe group president. 

The leadership he provided to the company, the group for Europe, expanded his portfolio of brands and improved the market shares. James Quincy played a vital role as he engaged the European partners for Coca Cola who are considered to be the world’s largest Coca Cola bottlers. From 2008 to 2012, he remained president of the Northwest Europe group and business named Nordics. The Innocent Juice acquisition back in 2009 was also included in his good works.


The company of Atlanta took his services back in 1996 for the group of Latin America in the director for learning strategy post. He remained in several posts and worked mainly on some crucial operational roles during his stay in Latin America, which resulted in his appointment as president of the South Latin Division in 2003. James Quinsey also enjoyed his work in the post of Mexico’s company as president of the Division from 2005 to 2008, where James led his team to take the Jugos Del Valle. 

Before joining the vital group of Coca Cola, he served as a partner in the Kalchas group as a consultant for strategy, a spinoff of Bain Company and McKinsey. The consumer goods forum has taken his services as a vice co-chairperson, and as of now, he is serving as the founding and prominent member of the New York Stock Exchange Board Advisory Council. James is the serving director of Pfizer Inc. He earned a bachelor’s in electronic engineering from the famous University of Liverpool. He is also a renowned native of Britain, as Quincey speaks both English and Spanish.

How old is the Ceo of Coca Cola, James Quicey?

James Quincey, Ceo of Coca Cola, is now enjoying his 55th year of life and is serving on the crucial post of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer in the group of Coca Cola Inc. from 2019 onwards. Eighteen older executives and 11 younger executives are now serving in the Coca Cola Co. The oldest entity in this group of Coca Cola is Herbert Allen, the director in the 80th year of his life.

Ceo of Coca Cola James Quincey Net worth

The date till 1st of May 2023, the estimated Ceo of Coca Cola net worth recorded is $65.8 million. The number of shares he got in Coca Cola is $150,000, which is worth more than $26,636,844.In the past ten years, he sold the Ko stock worth over $20,501,651. Additionally, he made $18,701,100 by serving in the important roles of Chairman of the board and Chief Executive officer at Coca Cola Co.

Ceo of Coca Cola James Quincey Income detail

In 2021, James Quincey had a salary of more than $24 million, which is an estimate increased by the end of 2022. From this $24 million salary, James Quincey received only USD 1.6 million. He also took an award worth $13.6 Million. Further, he got options worth $2.8 million, $6.4 million. He also received $411,143 million in all other salaries along with the plan of Non-Equity Incentive salary.

The annual salary that he collect from the firm of Coca Cola took him to the point where he is known as the CEO who is one of the highly paying Ceo than any of the CEOs of the world companies. James Quincey salary will increase in the next few years. There is a high impact of his salary on his net worth, which is progressing year after year, and as a result of this increase, there is also an increase in the net worth growth of James Quincey.


James Quincey is one of the most famous personalities in the world as he represents the famous Coca Cola group, which has leading branches all over the world. He is now an acting Ceo of Coca Cola and has achieved tremendous success. The total James Quincey net worth is $65.8 million. The total salary he got during his service time is $24 million. To know him in-depth, you have to explore this article.

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