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Costco Ceo: Craig Jelinek Net Worth Details

Costco Ceo

Costco is based outside the U.S. and is considered the best retail company, leading from the front in this era of competition. This company has the only task of giving the warehouse clubs membership in the retail chain. The company headquarters are now based in Seattle, Washington, United States. Costco is understandably the largest company in the world in terms of retail, and this company is carrying out its operation under the great works of Costco CEO Craig Jelinek.

It was 1984 when Costco hired the services of Craig Jelinek, and he represented this company working as a warehouse manager. He took charge of the post of Costco Ceo in 2012 when one of the company’s co-founders, James Sinegal, left this rank. In this article, we will discuss in detail the education qualification, salary, email addresses, and present net worth of Craig Jelinek. We will also lighten the headquarters mailing and the Costco company’s corporate address and phone details. So, read this article carefully to reach the points of Craig Jelinek.

Who is Costco CEO?

Walter Craig Jelinek belongs to California, United States, and his date of birth is the 8th of August 1952. He is known to be the most famous business tycoon in America. To get a bachelor’s degree, he went to the University of San Diego, and before this, he went to Antelope Valley High School for early education. Craige remained in the post of Costco Ceo, President, and Director of the company named Costco from when he replaced James Sinegal, a co-founder of the company back in 2012 and is now in the 68th year of his life.

He started his professional journey as a warehouse manager at Costco back in 1984. He carried out excellent work and reached high ranks through his hard work. Costco Ceo has developed abilities to handle responsibilities and effort to excel in the life that brought him to these critical posts in which he is serving now. The different responsibilities that he took on his head were the supervision of the operations in the company and the launching of new stores.

Craig Jelinek Career

A few months after the launching of the Costo company, Craig Jelinek joined this company and it was the year of 1984. He had a lot of experience in the business of retail, although he was a new face in the company and considered a low-rated worker. Craig’s adventure took him to the most important roles in the company. According to some sources, Costco Ceo net worth is $100.

After three decades of service in Costco, he reached the most important position as CEO of the company in 2012 as a replacement for James Sinegal. Before stepping into Costco, he was serving in Fedmart. In their present position, he enjoyed what he enjoyed from 2010 to 2012 in the crucial president and Chief Operating Officer ranks.

He remained in the key post of executive vice president and controlled the merchandising activity from 2004 onwards. Providing his services in the management sector, he worked in different roles in the company. His services, compiled over the years, prove his immense knowledge about the company and the business that looked hard to beat.

How old is Costco Ceo W Craig Jelinek?

Jelinek is now enjoying the 67th year of his life; he remained in the three key posts of the wholesale Corp of Costco from 2012 onwards. The number of previous executives who worked in this Costco group is 8, and the new executives who worked here are 14 in number and young as well. The oldest employee of this Costco firm is now 96 years old, and his name is Munger; he also works as an independent director.

What is Craig Jelinek net worth?

Craig Jelinek is a famous American businessman now. Craig Jelinek net worth is of $150 Million. His good fortune has come from his long career working in this group of Costco. He is now in the key post of CEO, which the company assigned him back in 2012 when James Sinegal retired from the company as a co-founder.

As this article suggests, Craig is the individual who scores the most extensive stock. Currently, he has 333,000 shares in Costco, which is approximately 0.08 % of the total shares of Costco Corp.You will know more about his stock holdings in the paragraph below. 

Costco stock holdings

Craig is now a shareholder of 333,000 in Costco. Back in 2022, when the company shares stock reached upto $600 then on that time, Craig became the owner of $200 million. In these years, the value of his shares in the company faces some ups and downs, due to which it sustains as of now at between $100 to $150 million.

Costco Ceo Craig Jelinek Salary

The basic salary Craig got is $800,000.He had other ways to earn money, such as bonuses and stock grants. We are giving you an example of the $8,00,000 he earned from his basic salary, and in the perspective of the bonuses, he got $97,000.The money he collected in stock grants was nearly $6.3 Million, and a retirement contribution of $2,00000 adds a lot to his net worth. But James Sinegal, the previous member of this post on which Craig is working in Senegal, got a basic salary of $3,50,000. The amount collected from the compensation reached $3-4 million by adding some bonuses and awards.


Craig Jelinek is now in the post of Costco Ceo, serving in the Costco Corp; before this, he worked on important and multiple key posts. He is a famous American Businessman. He is in the 67th year of his life, and estimated Craig Jelinek net worth is $150 Million after sudden fluctuation. Craig Jelinek salary as of now is $ 800,000.

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