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Angel Reese Net Worth: Know About NBA Player Wealth Details 

Angel Reese Net Worth

Who is Angel Reese? Many of us know this name if we are NBA fans and watch basketball daily. But most of us are curious to know Angel Reese net worth and wealth details. She is a fabulous NBA player with many career achievements and recognition; therefore, people want to know how wealthy she is and her wealth details. In this article, we will learn about Angel Reese net worth and wealth details.

Who is Angel Reese?

Angel Reese is part of the LSU Tigers of the Southern Conference and performs as a basketball player in American college basketball. As of 2023, Angel Reese net worth is $ 3 million. From the beginning of her life, she was fond of playing basketball. She started all this at a young age, so now she has developed into a talented basketball player, and as of present, Angle is playing the game of basketball for the women’s basketball team of LSU Tigers College. To gain experience in the game of basketball, she joined Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland.

Angel Reese Profession

In 2020, she went on to get the All-American honors of McDonald’s. After this, she tried to participate by applying to the all-important Saint Frances Academy High School for her basketball game. Along with the profession of basketball, she also participated in swimming, ballet, and track. She served the Saint Frances Academy, Baltimore, Maryland, as a basketball varsity player in the key point guard position for almost four years. In advancing towards her goals, she joined Maryland College as a basketball player in 2020 and continued this service until 2022.

Going back to the previous year, 2023, he served the LSU Tiger Women’s basketball team and now serves as a present team member. Previously, when she was in the higher School for education, Nia Clouden remained her teammate. In her first year as a basketball player, she scored 11.1 points, and the rebounds per game score went to 11. During her career at young career, she won many important titles representing her team. We will find out Angel Reese net worth in detail in this topic.

Angel Reese Career 

Going on to making her debut representing Maryland, she recorded 20 points and nine rebounds in 94-72 in freshman season by getting a victory over Davidson. Playing her fourth game of the season against Towson on the 3rd of December, Angel injured her right foot. Due to this injury, the officials made her sidelined till to the 23rd of February 2021. After recovering from the injury, Angel left the bench.

Angel Reese Personal Life 

At UMBC, Angel and her mother played basketball at the domestic level and further played professionally in Luxemburg. Before stepping into his professional career, the father of Angel Michael fought for the Boston and Loyola colleges. Angel and her brother Julian, who was older than Angel, both were basketball players, but to a certain level of amazement, people saw them playing as competitive rivals. As for the basketball game, Angel Reese brother, Michael Hopkins, is also a basketball player who played professionally. But the story of Angel is totally different from her brother’s as he represents St. Louis Frances and Maryland as a college basketball player.

Angel Reese Net worth

According to the sources coming from different channels, Angel Reese Net worth is of $3 Million as she is a known American Basketball player. As her college career is concerned, Angel Reese has established a resounding one. But their professional career is still waiting for her to open in basketball. She collected a handsome amount in terms of Net worth at a very early age in her life, and as of now, she is representing the LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball Team of College and has huge titles in her domestic career.

Angel Reese salary

She went on to play for the popular basketball team. The credit also goes to her name as she got All-Metro honors from Baltimore Sun as a first team. Angel was selected as the first team in All-Metro when they recorded 17.6 average points and 12.1 rebounds. She started her career in basketball a few years back, and from that time, she named herself in the good books of the people as a great basketball player. According to the sources, her one-year salary was $1 Million.

Angel Reese Income Source

The main source of her income comes from Angel’s brilliant career in college American basketball. But she has other sources of income from where she earns a handsome amount.

Frequently asked question

What is the estimated Angel Reese net worth?

Angel Reese net worth that is recorded is estimated at $3 million.

What is the age of Angel Reese?

She was born on the 6th of May 2002 and is now 21.

How much money she gets in one year?

According to the estimate, her one-year salary is $0.02 million annually.

What is the exact height of Angel Reese?

Her total height is 6 feet three inches, and she stands at 1.91 meters tall.


Angel is a famous, worldwide-recognized basketball player representing the American college basketball team. According to surveys of Forbes and other firms, Angel Reese net worth is $ 3 million. Her total salary for one year is $1 Million.

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