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DeSantis Mums: CA law enforcement intercepts 2nd migrant plane in Sacramento

DeSantis Mums: CA law enforcement intercepts 2nd migrant plane in Sacramento

On Monday, a second plane carrying migrants landed in Sacramento, California. According to the California attorney general’s office, all persons do the paperwork linking them to Florida. Special agents from the California Department of Justice arrived at the airport with the migrants. 

From Venezuela and Colombia, a group of sixteen migrants started a journey toward California. They took a flight from El Paso, Texas. They finally arrived at their destination and were discreetly delivered to a designated Catholic church.

However, Ron DeSantis, who is a Republican and Florida’s Governor and also a candidate for the 2024 presidential election, kept his science over it. He hasn’t publicly addressed the situation.

His administration organized a plane carrying 49 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which DeSantis often references during his speeches.

A Democrat, Governor Gavin of California, suggests that investigators were considering kidnapping charges under the state’s laws and they criticized DeSantis. The California attorney general, Rob Bonta, accused DeSantis of pettiness, lack of substance, xenophobia, discrimination, and racism in relation to these flights.

White House press secretary,  Karine Jean-Pierre, called this relocating migrants dangerous and unacceptable, putting pressure on state and local areas. Still, the Florida emergency division has not issued any statement about this flight. A sheriff in Texas recommended charges concerning the Martha’s Vineyard flights, and the district attorney will determine whether to prosecute the case.

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