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Diamond And Silk Net Worth: What Makes Them Famous

Diamond and Silk Net Worth

Have you ever come across the names of Diamond and Silk? Those aware of these names want to know how these personalities become popular and wealthy in a short period. People who want to know Diamond and Silk net worth should read this article carefully and know about these sisters and their money-making strategies in a better way.

Net worth:$3 million
Source of wealth:Political commentary
Date of birth:Diamond: August 22, 197; Silk: March 13, 1972
Birth Place:North Carolina, USA

Who are Diamond and Silk?

Diamond and Silk are the famous anchors on Fox Nation in the United States. Besides this, both are also playing a crucial role as political activists. They are also known as social media stars, as they do a lot in video blogs. Diamond and Silk real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson. Regarding politics, both sisters are famous for backing Mr Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. Both of them showed great support to him other than the elections as well. They got more of the media’s attention in 2016 campaigns when they claimed their presence on Facebook was “Unsafe for the Community”, a warning from Facebook authorities.

Both sisters claimed on Facebook that the Facebook authorities blocked and censored them. Rep.Steve King gave both the sisters a chance by sending them a summon to speak about their censorship before Congress in April 2018 if they wanted to be cleared out of this scenario. They faced the allegation by Mark Zuckerberg, which the Republican congress members presented.

Diamond and Silk career

Diamond and Silk started their political careers in 2012 with a resounding affiliation to the Democrats. Their first video encounters the brutality of the police. This video surrounds the title”Black Lives Matter,” which targets mainly color discrimination. After that, they posted another video about a black woman named Sandra Bland, which got viral, and both videos, had 17,000 and 32,000 views, respectively. After this step, their confidence was boosted, and they started posting videos like this which depicted the support of Donald Trump, former president of the United States.

That was when both sisters were in high morale and filled with zeal, and as a result, they started appearing in political shows on television. Furthermore, they joined the political rallies with their jubilant support of Democrats. Now the question arises: were they scoring some point by giving a statement representing their support for Donald Trump? After this, they also appeared in the rallies to support Donald Trump in Biloxi and Raleigh, North California. Also, Check Jim Gaffigan Net Worth.

Diamond and Silk controversy on social media

They had already faced sanctions on social media before their breach policy and sanctions on Twitter. Some big groups on social media testified against both of them because of the allegations against them. They were insulted due to their positioning on unfair discrimination and censorship on these grounds to support Donald Trump.

They believe that Facebook has censored their post just because of safety issues. But contradicting their charge Mark Zuckerberg said that it was only a matter of systematic response to the post, which turned to breach their policy. Mark Zuckerberg further added that “in that specific case”, there was an implementation mistake made by our team, and that’s why we are in touch with them to reverse it completely.

Diamond and Silk controversy on the Fox News

2019 Fox News Channel fired them out due to a controversy over spreading false news about the Covid 19 pandemic. In 2018 both sisters remained part of Fox News. As an additional offer, they could go in live streams and make the social issue part of their discussion. Overall, it was bad luck that their bright future on this channel dropped down ridiculously for making only one and for all mistakes.

Diamond and Silk net worth & Earnings

Sources of Income:Earnings (USD)
YouTube Channel$500,000+
Media Appearances$1 million+
Book Sales$500,000+

Both sisters know how to influence the social media network; that’s why their published content goes viral within a few seconds. According to an estimate, Diamond and Silk net worth is about $3 to $ 5 million from 2012-2023 onwards. Both of them have not restrained themselves from using social media for their money-making purpose, but they also used other sources in their whole life journey till now.

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Money making strategies

They have a great understanding of politics and marketing, so they use both as a part of their strategy to earn a respectable amount every year. So, in this part of the article, we will focus on Diamond and Silk’s money-making strategies.

  • Previously they worked on the platform Fox News, and as of now, they are on Newsmax TV conducting a show named Diamond and Silk crystal clear.
  • Diamond and Silk have written a very popular book about uprising youth. The book was named Who The Hell Said You Can’t Watch Ditch and Switch?-The Awakening of Diamond and Silk, published in 2020. This book covered different topics related to their personal life, such as political overview and brutality against the black race in the US. The copies of this book sold in a span of certain and very short period. This fact indicates their popularity graph and how much talent both sisters possess.
  • One of their main sources of income is video blogging, due to which they are such famous social media personalities.
  • The main reason for their fame is their active participation in politics, where they represent their Republican party (since 2015 -present) and speak as a supporter of Donald Trump.
  • They remained attached to Fox News as hosts and conducted many shows. This is the reason why they are called Television stars as well.
  • They use their websites and social media accounts to advertise and promote famous brands.
  • If someone wants to go live with them, it costs upto $50 a ticket. If someone wants dinner or a photograph with them, it’s rated upto $150 as of now.


What is Diamond and Silk Net worth?

According to an estimate, Diamond and Silk net worth is $3 to $5 million.

What business have Diamond and Silk started?

Diamond and Silk have experimented with opening a company named Diamond and Silk LLC. They sold books, merchandise, and some related online courses for students.


Diamond and Silk are famous personalities on social media and great supporters of Donald Trump. The career of both sisters moves around politics and social media controversies. They made various strategies for money-making throughout their career. And after all this, now they are running their business. Diamond and Silk Net worth is $5 million, proving their hard work and determination toward their profession.





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