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Diana Gidish: What Is Her Relationship With Lee Zeldin

Diana Gidish

Are you curious and want to know about Diana Gidish? Who is Diana Gidish is a common question that everyone wants to know. What is the reason people want to know about her? All these questions are in the large community’s mind. Therefore, we collect information to give detailed answers to all these questions. After reading this article, you will know more about her. So, let’s start.

Who is Diana Gidish?

Diana Gidish is the spouse of a well-known politician and a member of Congress, Lee Michael Zeldin. Zeldin is an attorney from the U.S. Diana is not known to social or print media except she is the wife of a famous personality Lee Zeldin. Her appearance in public is U.S based IP specialist who came into the limelight because of her husband. Zeldin is a member of the reserve force of the United States Army who served in the army for many years, and now he is a member of the New York State Senate from the 3rd district.

Diana Gidish’s Personal Life

Diana was born in the United States on 9th December in an American family. She completed her studies at a local school and graduated in her hometown. Diana Gidish is a normal girl like all others in his hometown who gets her education from her hometown and becomes an IP specialist. Diana’s reason for her popularity is because of her husband, Lee Zeldin. Moreover, Lee was a famous personality, and when Diana got married to Lee, she also became in the limelight like her husband and people known by her name. Furthermore, Diana and Lee Zeldin got married after a long relationship and have two children. 

What is the relationship between Lee Zeldin and Diana Gidish?

Diana Gidish is Lee Zeldin’s wife; they married and had a successful married life with two children. Moreover, Diana never ever participated in her husband’s practical life and politics. Still, she is famous because of him, and people know Diana as the wife of Lee Zeldin. Diana leads a successful life with her husband in the United States and doesn’t want to be in the limelight as she is busy with her practical life. Both Lee Zeldin and Diana Gidish have completed 11 years of their marriage, and their twin daughters are with them. One daughter’s name is Mikayla Zeldin, and the second daughter’s name is Ariana Zeldin. Her age is now believed to be 40 years.

Diana Gidish Net Worth 

Diana Gidish net worth is estimated to be about $500,000. We don’t know much about her income details; therefore, her estimated net worth is quoted in the post. Moreover, Diana has never revealed her income details on any platform yet. 


Diana Gidish is not known to the online community, except she is the wife of Lee Zeldin, a famous politician and Attorney from the U.S. This article will help you to know about Diana better and her relationship with Lee Zeldin. Remember, Diana wants her life to be away from social media and print media. 

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