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The Rise of Mathematical Intelligence: A.I. Takes on the World of Numbers

The Rise of Mathematical Intelligence: A.I. Takes on the World of Numbers

A portrait of the 17th century is displayed in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which is known to illustrate an ancient Greek mathematician named Euclid. Euclid is shown in this portrait feeling untidy while gripping up the sheets of his famous work “Elements,” an essay on Geometry with scungy hands. The mathematical logic and reasoning in a clear and orderly manner represent Euclid’s great work and efforts, which still dominate for more than 2000 years or so.

Mathematical Metamorphosis: From Euclid to A.I. Revolution

But as time changes, thoughts keep changing, and the same things repeated here when mathematicians started to slide away from the concept that Euclid gave on Geometry, which was considered the basis of mathematics back in the 20th century.

By evolving from Euclid’s concept, they transformed it into a ceremonial and accurate system which later became the representation symbolically, leading towards computer coding, which translates the mathematics concepts.

The arrival of calculations power permitted the mathematician in their cause of proving their theorem concepts in the shade of demon force which depicted the four color theorems in place in the year 1976. Some scientists related to the computer field are suggesting that the A.I. system could match the abilities of human mathematicians who are famous for their solutions to the problem.

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