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Who is Emmylou Polk Laffoon? Read Necessary Detail

Emmylou Polk Laffoon

Who is Emmylou Polk Laffoon? Have you ever come across this name? Those who know about Coleman, Anne Heche, and Alexi are unaware of Emmylou’s name and curious about her details. The common question that comes to mind is, what is the relationship of Emmylou Polk with Coleman and Anne Heche? Let’s find out all details related to this topic.

Who is Emmylou Polk Laffoon?

We have heard the name Coleman Laffoon because he is the ex-husband of the famous Anne Heche. He is known to the media because of her, as he ties the knot with Anne, and the couple has one kid, and then a divorce happens between them. Emmylou Polk Laffoon is one of the kids of Coleman from his second wife. Emmylou Laffoon has other siblings as well, but the media is only aware of the name of Emmylou from the Laffoon family; that’s why when we search for Coleman, along with his name, we also find Emmylou Polk Laffoon’s name.

Coleman Laffoon

Coleman Laffoon is a multi-talented personality, a famous American Real estate broker, and a former actor. Besides this, he remains the talk of the town as he is the ex-husband of famous American actress Anne Heche.

Coleman Laffoon was born in the United States in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was brought up by his American parents. His date of birth is the 7th of October 1973. There is no such information related to his family, religion, ethnicity, origin, and age on the internet. He is an American nationalist as he holds American nationality. He has opened up a few details about his siblings and parent on the internet.

Coleman has a son named Homer Laffoon from his first marriage with famous American actress Anne Heche. This marriage took place in 2001 in California and remained up to 2009 when they got divorced. His body weight suits his personality, with a resounding height of 1.83m.

After this separation, he married again in the mid of 2015 to a lady named Alexi Laffoon, a model project manager. He has two sons from this marriage, and their names, respectively, are Emmylou Polk Laffoon and Zoey Marine Laffoon

Coleman Laffoon’s children: Homer Laffoon, Emmylou Polk Laffoon, Zoey Marine Laffoon

He has four children from both of his wives. His first child is from their first wife, Anne Hacche, and the other three are from their second wife, Alexi. He celebrated the birthday of his first child Homer Laffoon recently. The names of the other children from Alexi are Wyatt Tennyson Laffon, Emmylou Polk Laffoon, and Zoey Marine Laffoon. He was married to Alexi back in 2015. The children he has from Alexi are not up to the age of 10 years in comparison with Homer, who is a son from his first marriage.

Where are Emmylou Polk Laffoon And Coleman Laffoon Now?

Emmylou and Coleman Laffoon are in the United States and leads a happy and healthy life. Coleman has a very strong relationship with all his children, and they also love their father very much. He manages time from his professional life and spends it with his kids. We have found some pictures in the media that prove Coleman is a complete family man. He loves his family and is happy to spend time with them. He loves all his kids very much, but Emmylou Polk Laffoon is one of his favorite children of him. 


Those who want to know about Emmylou Polk Laffoon can get all their answers in this article, as many people don’t know much about the personal life of media personalities and crave to get information about them. This article only includes specific information related to the children of Coleman. 

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