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Fans Will be Effected As NFL Owners Decide to Flex ‘Thursday Night Football

Fans Will be Effected As NFL Owners Decide to Flex 'Thursday Night Football

NFL has scheduled a flexing mechanism for Thursday night games that allows the League to change their broadcast schedule. However, several conditions must be fixed before the game can be flexed.

These conditions include a limited Weeks 13-17 window, a decision made 28 days in advance, a maximum of two games that can be flexed out of the five options, and the game must warrant the change.

League discovered whether it was a trial, it could be a bad idea, but they pushed for it in the annual meetings. The idea creates many whispers amongst team owners, with Giants co-owner John Mara calling it insulting. 

Both  NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and NFL players do not favour Thursday-night football and show concern about players’ health and recovery time. 

Flex games are decided for fans who already made travel plans and purchased tickets. Fans invest time and money to watch these primetime games, and changing schedule can disrupt their plans. This decision is against the League’s commitment to prioritizing fans and the sense of community they promote through football.

NFL defends flex scheduling because they see them as a way to ensure every standalone game is a success. The League’s only focus is getting the right games in the right broadcast windows, even if it affects thousands of fans’ plans.  

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