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Who is Georgia Marie Thompson? What You Should Know

Georgia Marie Thompson

Are you familiar with the name Georgia Marie Thompson? Who is she, and why is she very popular among social media and online users? Many people are curious to know about her in detail. This article will explore everything about her, including education, net worth, family, social presence, and much more. Please read the article carefully to know her better.

Who is Georgia Marie Thompson

Georgia Marie Thompson is the elder daughter of an SNL actor named Kenan Thompson. Kenan, with his ex-wife, has two children; therefore, Georgia Thompson has a younger sister. Georgia’s identification and fame are due to her father’s fame as an actor and long history as a star in America’s most popular show SNL. 

Georgia was born on June 20, 2014, in the United States of America; she is currently seven years old. She is a sweet little girl that is not only popular because of her father, but her cute face and lovable nature fascinate people, and they like her personally and want to see her content on social media.

Georgia Marie Thompson Education

Georgia Marie Thompson’s education is unknown because she is most likely to be in primary school. The school’s name or other details about her education is not known; therefore, we cannot say anything exact about her education.

Social Media Details of Georgia

As discussed earlier, she is known to online users due to her father’s fame and has no social media presence. Some of her pictures are present on the internet with her father, and the other content related to Georgia Marie Thompson is on her mother’s social media account, who posted her pictures. According to her mother, Georgia loves to play, sing and dance in her leisure time. It seems like she wants to join the media industry like her father in the future.

Georgia Marie Thompson’s Parents

Georgia Marie Thompson is the daughter of famous American comedian and actor Kanan Thompson and Christina Evangeline. Both her parents are related to the media industry and are famous due to their great performances in the industry. Georgia has one sister, whose name is Gianna Michelle Thompson, and she was born on July 21, 2018. She has great relations with her sister, who loves to play and spend time with her.

Georgia Marie Thompson’s Net Worth

Georgia Marie Thompson lives a comfortable and luxurious life with her family because of her parent’s acting career and strong media appearance. She is only a seven-year-old little cute girl who is not in professional life and still has not started her career. Her father’s net worth is about $13 million, and her mother’s is about $800 thousand. She loves to do what her parents adopted in their life, and her hobbies reflect her plans. 

What Kenan Thompson says about Georgia Marie Thompson

Georgia Marie Thompson is the beloved and favorite daughter of Kenan Thompson. Kenan Thompson always loves to talk about her daughter in many of his interviews. Kenan Thompson once says that the birth of Georgia, her daughter, has hilariously changed him. He is saying this in the Apple Tv documentary named Dads. He also says that his coolness expires soon after Georgia’s birth, but to have a daughter is a good experience. 

In the documentary, he also added that he constantly worries about calming down and testing his daughter’s resilience. While talking to some people in 2020, he said the biggest wake-up call for him was how quickly everything changed for him is surprising. He also mentioned that after his daughter’s birth, he grew and matured in ways he never imagined. Kenan also added that he feels amazed and elated to see her daughter doing her homework. All these little things which he says about his daughter show how much Kenan loves his daughter, and this father-daughter duo has a very sweet and strong relationship.

Georgia’s Appearance in American Got Talent

Georgia Marie Thompson loves and is a huge fan of American got talent. In 2020, Georgia appeared in the show with her father when Kenan set in as its guest judge. Her appearance in the show shows that she wants to participate in the show and is willing to join the media and gain followers. 


Georgia Marie Thompson is currently known to the media, except she is the daughter of a famous comedian and actor in the American industry. All information related to this little girl is discussed in this article. This post will help you to know her better. 

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