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Google’s Pixel Watch: Get Your Health and Fitness Updates

Google's Pixel Watch: Get Your Health and Fitness Updates

Three new feature updates will add to the pixel watch, rated as the top-listed consumer smartwatch of the Google search engine. The upcoming features contest pixel smartwatch against a strong competitor like the Apple watch. The three main features are Blood Oxygen saturation measurement, High and low heart rate notifications, and automatic workout passing, and we will discuss how they work in the below lines of articles.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurement

As per the update, the pixel watch has a sensor indulging in it which enables it to measure the blood oxygen saturation level, especially throughout the night. As this feature is installed in the watch, which was told on the launch of the watch, but it is still unable to activate its function. On the other hand same type of function is available in some other smartwatches. The most renowned is the Fitbit Sense 2, and the other is the Fitbit Charge 5.

High and low heart rate notifications

This feature in this pixel watch is another smart move relating to health. This watch alerts you by issuing you the rate of your heartbeat to avoid some critical happenings related to your health. Sometimes the heart beat rate goes beyond the levels, and sometimes it drops to the extent that you feel dizzy, which is helpful in both conditions. At first, this feature was not present in this pixel watch, but other smartwatches have this feature.

Automatic workout pausing

This feature is still short in the pixel smartwatch, but it is coming next, and you can use this feature by pausing the activity you are carrying out and your attention is diverging, so pause it automatically by using this sensor so that you can carry the work afterward from where you had left it before.

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