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Djokovic’s Masterful Triumph: Secures French Open Final Spot, Alcaraz Falls Short

Djokovic's Masterful Triumph: Secures French Open Final Spot, Alcaraz Falls Short

In a thrilling and nail-biting match to reach the Grands’ finals of Grandslims, Novak Djokovic defeated his opponent, Carlos Alcaraz, opening up a chance for him to play his 23rd title in Grandslim open tennis tournament. This is a record in the tennis of men.

Alcaraz having all the cards in his hands with the backing of his age, at most 20, kept on losing the occasion by not controlling the nerves and heat effects and eventually, he gave up as the cramp came in his right hand.

But on the other hand, there are no cramps, no age factor comes, and no issue of nerves happened Novak Djokovic. He faced a hard time and utilized his previous experienced and made use of his fitness to establish a great victory to his name by scoring in the sets by 6-3,5-7-6-1,6-1.

The age factor is shown as a gap between two players of different qualities in this match full of nerves since the 1991 Granslam semifinals. Alcaraz admires and shows respect that how his opponent Djokovic controlled the pressure, and he expressed his views further that collapsing the nerves remained the cause of cramps in his body throughout the match.

Now Djokovic has to face Casper Rudd in the finals, who defeated Alexander Zeverev in the other semifinal 6-3,6-4,6-0.

As Casper Rudd is up against Djokovic for the first time in the finals, he knows the challenge he has to face; Djokovic is trying to break the record of  Rafael Nadal, who has the most titles in Grandslam tennis history for the men. 

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