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The Revival of the Iconic VW Bus:  A Modern Twist by Volkswagen

The Revival of the Iconic VW Bus:  A Modern Twist by Volkswagen

It is a type of vehicle that includes neither buses nor minivans. The idea of designing this ID.BUZZ vehicle is to pay tribute to the services of Volkswagen. It took off its flight of fame from the United States of America, where it was used for traveling when there was no concept of minivans was present.

Compared with the North American Model, it is slightly shorter in size and has less 7 seat space for the passengers. This model is a double-decker which length measures up to 194.4 inches long, and it is not large as Chrysler Pacifica Wan in length.

The main feature of this ID.BUZZ is the installation of an electric motor with the immense power of 282 hp on the back of the bus, and if someone needs a wheel drive option, he should make use of two electric motors of 330 hp, which generates more power while comparing it with VW Bus.

ID.BUZZ provides you comfort while traveling; a luxury look comes when we compare it with the older version. The company is thinking of introducing this ID.BUZZ version in Europe, which has both long and short wheelbase versions. There are some speculations that it can start from a price estimate of  $ 40,000. 

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