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Introducing Microsoft’s Carbon Black Xbox Series S: Game-Changing Performance with 1TB at Just $350

Introducing Microsoft's Carbon Black Xbox Series S: Game-Changing Performance with 1TB at Just $350

Microsoft company has made the announcement of launching the Carbon Black XBox S Series with 1TB capacity of storage and a newer console version, which price is almost up $350 or $349.99.It is lower in price(cheaper $30) in comparison to the purchase of the Standard Xbox S Series. It comprises 512GB storage space along with an additional expansion card of 512 GB. This S Series of Black XBox will be widely and easily available worldwide from the 1st of September 2023 onwards.

Performance, Design, and Expanded Storage

As for the power of Carbon Black XBox S Series Hardware, it is relatively comparable to the Real XBox S Series. Now it has the feature that it is coated in black, which resembles the Xbox 360 original console design with an increase in its storage capacity a long time after it was launched at first.

Affordable Pricing for Xbox’s Console Gaming Focus

In Roundtable talks, the Xbox head at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, agreed that the price of the Console is too expensive($500) for most of the community who want to buy this. He added more by saying he believes that this atmosphere of Xbox with low price and storage capacity increases the number of customers who want to use this device. He further added that Microsoft is focusing on Pc gaming, but he shows his urge and direction towards experience towards console gaming and how important it is for the brand of Xbox.

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