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Jack Doherty Net Worth

Jack Doherty

In the American social media industry, Jack Doherty is a well-known celebrity. He is a YouTuber and social media star, he was born on October eight, 2003. Doherty is most known for his pranks and marker-flipping material, although his YouTube career extends back to 2016. He’s a creative content generator, with his engaging videos demonstrating his incredible flips, trampoline antics, and deft trick shots, this skilled YouTuber has won over millions of fans.

When Jack started practicing complex flip landings at the juvenile age of 7, his path to stardom began. He has done many illegal activities with his pals and has had the cops notified of him various times. He has also been swatted numerous times by an 11-year-old youngster who resided close to him.

He presently resides in Miami, Florida. Today we discuss Jack Doherty net worth but first, highlight his family, journey as a social media influencer, and views of videos and likes.

Jack Doherty Family

There are five more persons in the Jack Doherty family, father, mother, brother, sister, and niece. Mark Doherty, his father from Ireland, is his staunchest supporter. He also allows him to do things his mother forbids. Anna Doherty, his mother from Poland, is his harshest critic and has been outraged by several of his films. She does, however, continue to support her son and would defend him if he was swotted or accused of something he did not commit.

Michael Doherty, his brother, has been both critical and supportive of him. He has been in his numerous videos, but he has also been critical of some of his activities.

He has a sister called Joanna as well. She doesn’t feature in many of his videos. Jack also has a niece called Sophia, who is Joanna’s daughter. Jack has two dogs, one called Cash and the other Major. Doherty graduated from North Shore High School in 2021. Despite his social media celebrity, he continued to attend public school.

Age19 Years
FatherMark Doherty
MotherAnna Doherty, Anne Doherty
BrotherMichael Doherty
NieceSophia (Joanna’s daughter)
Born CountryUnited States
U.S. StateNew Jersey

Jack Doherty Social Media Journey 

On July 15, 2016, Jack Doherty started his journey on social media as an influencer and launched his own YouTube account. By September, he had posted his debut video to the channel, titled “MARKER FLIP TWICE IN A ROW!!!” In January 2017, he uploaded a video that quickly became his most popular on YouTube. The video, I flipped all of These, is a compilation of his random flipping flicks of things such as crayons, water bottles, and markers.

This video has received 29 million views and 347K likes as of today. In Jan 2018, he hit the one million subscriber milestone on YouTube. Doherty has an extremely popular YouTube account. His YouTube account has 10.7 million subscribers. He also has a booming TikTok and Instagram account, where he has a considerable following.

Jack’s family lives in California. Doherty, on the other hand, purchased himself a home in February 2022 and now lives alone. Doherty’s personal life isn’t as public as his professional one since he’s a barely legal but successful adolescent. He is single now, never married. Here are some of the titles and views of his video and likes on different social media platforms.

PlatformVideo TitleViews/Likes
YouTubeI FLIPPED ALL OF THESE!!29 million views
YouTubeJack DohertyBest of 2021
TikTokMore on lnsta…🍬 @jackdoherty9.8 million likes
TikTokDon’t Talk Into the Mic and I’ll Give You My Lamb…7.7 million likes
TikTokDon’t Talk Into the Mic and …6.8 million likes

Jack Doherty Net Worth

Jack’s net worth is unknown, although it is estimated to be about $3.67 million. However, the Net Spot Worth calculation only considers one income source. Jack his net worth might be far more than $3.67 million. When many sources of income are considered, Jack Doherty net worth might reach $5.14 million since he receives from YouTube revenue, sponsorships, and social media activity such as Instagram.

He is just 18 years old and lives a lavish lifestyle. He now lives a luxury lifestyle with assets worth millions of dollars. His monthly income is between $8 and $10,000, while his yearly income ranges between $300K and $430K.

Jack Doherty earns money from his social media presence through various sources, such as:

His YouTube channel, where he has over 10.7 million members and earns over $900,000 per year in ad income. He uploads videos of pranks, and challenges vlogs that are watched by people millions.

Sponsorship Partnerships

His sponsorship ties include goods such as Banger Merch, which he advertises in his videos. He also gets paid to advertise other products and services, however, the real amount he obtains from sponsorships is undisclosed.


His Instagram account, where he gets money from sponsored posts and collaborations and has over 6.1K followers. He posts photographs and videos of his family, friends, fiancée, and his everyday life.


His TikTok account, where he makes money via live broadcasts, gifts, and business partnerships and has over 9.8 million followers. He sends videos of himself flipping, trampolining, carrying out trick shots, and communicating with other contributors.

Real Estate

Throughout the United States, he has a huge portfolio of properties because he began real estate operations at the age of 15. He also buys and sells duplexes with real estate agent Chandler David Smith.

Source of Income Description Estimated Annual Earnings 
YouTube channel Videos on pranks, challenges, and vlogs $900,000 
Sponsorship deals Brands like Banger Merch Unknown 
Instagram account Sponsored posts and collaborations Unknown 
TikTok account Live streams, gifts, and brand partnerships Unknown 
Real estate investments Properties across the US and duplexes with Chandler David Smith Unknown 


Jack Doherty is a young 19 years old American boy who has now become a millionaire. He has a 5 persons family. Jack began practicing complicated flip landings at the age of 7, and at the age of 13, he start his YouTube channel. His channel has 10.7 million subscribers, he makes videos of pranks and challenging vlogs, One of his videos “I FLIPPED ALL OF THESE” has received 29 million views.

At this moment, he has become an iconic American social media influencer. According to an estimate, Jack Doherty net worth in 2023 expanded from $2 million to $3.67 million or it may be more than that. His family lives in California, but he bought a separate house in February 2022 and preferred to live alone in it. Now he lives luxurious life at a young age.

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