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Lexi Thompson Husband Gerrod Chadwell: Truth Behind Rumour

Lexi Thompson Husband Gerrod Chadwell

People who are a fan of Lexi Thompson always love to know about her personal life but are unaware due to some reasons, and one of the most asked questions is about Lexi Thompson husband Gerrod Chadwell. People don’t know much about their relationship, and this article covers all information related to this query in detail. Let’s figure out the facts.

Who is Lexi Thompson?

On 1995 February the 10th, Lexi Thompson opened her eyes in the United States during a season of coral spring. Lexi got her early education by studying at home, and after her early education, she advanced toward the degree of doctorate, which she completed in 2012. Lexi is a professional golfer and loves to play golf as it is her passion.

She was just 12 when she entered the US Women’s Open but did not survive long in the event, scoring up to 8682. In 2007 she registered the title of American Golf Junior Association to her name and stood as the second youngest winner of this title with her success. In the next year, 2008, she tried her luck to qualify for the Women’s US Open but remained unsuccessful in the tournament. Lexi took this title in 2009 for the first time in her life.

Is Lexi Thompson married to Gerrod Chadwell?

As per the present status, Lexi is single. Golfer Lexi tried her level best to avoid the media and public gatherings. But people who have been observing them for a long period can’t say anything about the relationship between them because they keep it a top secret.

In 2014 she won the crucial Kraft Nabisco Championship when she was just 19 years old and registered as the second youngest LPGA golfer winning a major, and still, she is in the top 5 youngest major LPGA winners. People see them together and find Lexi Thompson husband Gerrod Chadwell, but it is still unknown as they don’t accept their relationship as husband and wife.

Lexi Thompson Profession

At 12 months, she was one of the youngest players to step into the US Women’s Open in 2007. She stands out with the trophy of Aldila Junior Conventional, which placed her as the second youngest player to win the American Junior Golfing Association(AJGA) event.

Petition to LPGA

For the first time, she put his petition before the concerned authorities that she wanted to play most of the 12 LPGA tournaments in 2011 by giving her exemptions on sponsors, which was against the rules and regulations of the LPGA. But her petition was turned down by Commissioner Mike Whan in January 2011, but he said the rules of LPGA are considered to be modified to give a chance on a Qualifier on Monday to those who are not actual members of LPGA. In this way, an opportunity arose for her to play extra 12 tournaments in 2011.

LPGA membership 2012

Lexi Thompson keeping this fact in mind that there is a waiver needed following a rule of thumb required for LPGA for the excursion members aged a minimum up to 18 years, gave her petition to the LPGA authorities to make her appearance in 2011 LPGA School for qualifying for those of excursion membership in the next year 2012. The tiers of degree one and the 50 pinnacle finishers will join Degree II.

Success Stories

Lexi Thompson registered her fourth LPGA win playing on a professional basis in 2014 at Kraft Nabisco Championship. She was declared the second youngest women’s main winner at that time.

She extended the continuity of her wins to fifth and sixth times at LPGA Conventional and, respectively, LPGA Hana financial institution Championship. Lexi earned a respectable amount of $1,763,904 from the tournaments, which takes him to the fifth and sixth position as the cash is concerned.

At Honda LPGA in Thailand, Thompson succeeded in her seventh LPGA excursion. During the LPGA excursion in Japan, she had her first success on the global women’s championship Salonpas Cup stage. Besides this, she closed a women’s British Open with a magnificent victory.

She lifted the trophy by winning in the 8th LPGA excursion in a Kingsmill Championship, where she completed the sets by scoring 20(respectively 65 and 69=264)

Lexi did not play in the year 2018 as Thompson refused to play at Ricoh Ladies British Open by saying that she was going on a departure of long month from LPGA. She explained to her fans on instagram that she wanted to give her some time to recharge her batteries. 

Lexi Thompson Family

It is judicious to say that she belongs to a golf family. It is only just because her family played golf as a profession. Firstly her father was a golf player in his time. Afterward, both her brothers named as Nicholas Thompson and Curtis Thompson, represented their country respectively in PGA, Corn Ferry tours by Nicholas and Corn Ferry tour by Curtis. Lexi Thompson’s husband, Gerrod Chadwell, is also a golfer and also the coach of Lexi.

Lexi Thompson Networth

We don’t believe in speculative theories about her net worth, so we can assume from the data available on the internet that Lexi Thompson’s net worth approximately has a standing between $2-5 Million.


Lexi Thompson Husband Gerrod Chadwell is a common question by many people and fans of Lexi as a golfer. This article will give you the facts about the query, whether it is a rumor or there is some truth behind it. Lexi is a prominent and passionate golf player who is in mad love with her profession and passion, which is golf.

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