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Texas’s Deadly Heat Waves: The Menace of Nighttime Temps

Texas's Deadly Heat Waves: The Menace of Nighttime Temps

Texas and the Southern United States are under a lot of pressure from a harsh heat wave that is still spreading, and there are millions of Americans affected by this blazing hot temperature which is going above the human hot-bearing rate that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit with crushing humidity.

Climate change developed into a crisis due to increased heat during the day, and nights are cooler than before. This absorbing heat has dismantled the people by depriving them of some relief, and it happened to most of the community, which has no facility for air conditioners.

Nighttime Temperatures to Surpass Daytime Heat

This extended heat wave has compelled the National Weather Service to warn people about this exceptional nighttime temperature scenario, and the increasing index reading of the heat wave has gone to that level where it is unmatched by some previous heat wave events. According to some careful estimates, the nighttime temperatures will exceed the day timings heat scenario this week. A caution is issued from National Weather Services that all the previous records are in danger of being broken in the Southern part of the U.S.A., which executes from Texas and goes up to Mississippi Valley, including the major parts of Florida. It is also further stated that the heat wave, especially at night timings, can break all the records in the next week.

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