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Google’s Find My Device Gets a New Icon and Enhanced Notifications

Google's Find My Device Gets a New Icon and Enhanced Notifications

Google has introduce a new icon for Find my device, showcased in a notification received when searching for a missing device. The new logo features a circular design with fan-like shapes in the colors of the Google logo, replacing the previous green logo that depicted a phone within a pin. This branding alteration serves two purposes: it no longer explicitly represents phones, aligning with the service’s broader device compatibility, and it brings the icon in line with other Google apps, emphasizing its affiliation with Google. Google plans to rebrand to enhance the services and allows users to get location of various device types and they also locate the devices that are offline in future.

Other Features

Additionally, a new notification feature has been added to Find My Device. When anybody searches for the device associated with your Goolge account, a notification appears on your phone screen or through email. Previously, notifications were only sent for the specific device being searched for. Tap on  the “Learn more” link in the email or the Android notification in order to opens a Google support page that explains how to Find My Device works and provides guidance on ensuring you can locate your handset in case it gets lost.

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