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Chrome’s iPhone Upgrade: Exciting New Features Incoming

Chrome's iPhone Upgrade: Exciting New Features Incoming

The version of Chrome we experience on the iphone uses Safari as a search engine compared to the Chrome we use on the desktop. Google is going to release four awesome features for Chrome on iphone mobiles from which, some of which have the backing power of AI.

Improved Translations:

The capability of Chrome is improved and enhanced by the Google search engine in order to detect languages by webpage or suggestions of translation. As per exemplary, if you are making a search on a Spanish site and while reading the Spanish content, you need to translate some Spanish lines into English, then it limits you to that sentence only.

Faster And Easy Access To Google Lens:

Another brand new feature will be released soon, providing speedy access to the Google lens. The address bar of Google is introduced with an amazing feature of a Google lens icon which is used to capture some photos by clicking on this iconic lens, or you can go to camera roll and select your pic by utilization of this Google iconic lens. Still, this feature is not in the reach of everybody in the next few coming days.

Help To Find Address On Google Map

AI-powered improved feature of Google map indulged into your iphone Chrome. This feature eliminates the need to open the google maps app separately. You only have to click on the address in the bar; the bar will automatically search for the location from any of the websites. 

Create calendar events

Now it is possible with this new feature you can create calendar events faster without leaving the search engine you have simply tap on the event it can automatically add to the calendar when your browser is experiencing the events on the calendar from any of the webpages. This feature is added to comfort the user’s experience and helps to provide some extra functions within your mobile device’s Chrome version.

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