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Submarine Tragedy: Fate of Five Disoriented Souls Grips Global Attention

Submarine Tragedy: Fate of Five Disoriented Souls Grips Global Attention

Five members were disoriented while boarded on a completely secured submarine in the wide open sea with an unextendable oxygen supply of just 96 hours. The destiny of these five people, surrounded by unpredictability, has indulged the whole world’s attention for a period of more than four days.

International Search and Rescue Operations Engaged for Titanic Submersible Incident

It was a Sunday noon when the Titan submersible lost contact with the cruise ship while heading towards the wreckage of the Titanic deep down in the sea, encouraging international search and rescue operations deep down by approaching a 26000 square kilometers area.

Media throughout the world has covered every possible angle of this incident from the day of the incident. A pilot of this titan, two members of an Engro firm, and a teenage boy with a researcher and expert of the maritime were boarded on this, and each four of them paid $250,000 for this difficult mission. The firm, which is answerable to the submarine Oceangate Expeditions, had some warnings from external and internal sources related to the danger connected with these types of operations. Still, they have refused to carry out safety measures certification to save a life.

According to the statement issued by the U.S Coast Guards, the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution stressed that the widely spread and the size of residue suggests that this submersible titan has faced an explosion due to intensive water pressure deep down the surface, and all of them have gone away.  

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