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Global Team Joins Forces to Explore Titanic’s Depths: Uniting Ships and Experts for Search Efforts

Global Team Joins Forces to Explore Titanic's Depths: Uniting Ships and Experts for Search Efforts

The whole world is watching closely every minute of the rescue operation, which is going on till today in search of a missing submersible named Titan, which has been disconnected from the navy towers from Sunday onwards. While addressing the press conference on Wednesday, the U.S Coast Guards presented the details and updates of the search and rescue mission for this titan submersible; he further said that the crew is working with full intention and devotion for gaining success to take out the missing identities from the place of incident.

Rescue and Search Operation with P-3 Canadian Aircraft

When everything had not gone accordingly, then they made a decision and immediately sent the P-3Canadian aircraft on the rescue and search operation told by USCG. While searching the pinned area on Tuesday and Wednesday, this aircraft detected some voices that seemed to be banging, stamped by the institution’s director named, Woods Hole Oceanographic.

This titan-named submersible started its journey on the 18th of June’s morning from the famous Canadian research vessel polar prince, which had the mission to explore the site of the Atlantic Ocean where the Titanic residue is in place.

Location and Collaborative Efforts in the Rescue and Search Operation

The location where the submersible lost its contact is 900 miles east of cape cod and exactly 400 miles southwest of ST Johns, Newfoundland’s capital.

The rescue and search operation is going on under the supervision of the Coast Guard. Still, as it is an important mission to rescue five faculty members, that is why many private firms and double the nations are offering their services.

A response coordinator of the first Coast Guard district named Jamie Frederick stressed this need that having faced complexity in searching; we lack special tools and equipment, and expertise for what we are in search of.

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