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iPhone 15 Pro Unveiling in September: Get Ready for 12 Exciting New Features

iPhone 15 Pro Unveiling in September: Get Ready for 12 Exciting New Features

iPhone 15 Pro next generation, with several improvements and with a lot of new features, are going to launch. There are some prevailing specifications. 

A17 Bionic Chip

A17’s next upcoming Bionic Chip of the Apple group has powered the iPhone 15 Pro under the manufacturing process carried by TSMC,s 3NM.

The improved performance and efficiency will tell how this generation differs from the previous one. It is expected that the A16 Bionic Chip makes a difference in Standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 plus.

Titanium Frame

The addition of a Titanium frame instead of stainless steel in the model iPhone15 pro makes similarity to the Apple watch ultra, which lavishes the look of the device and the duration period is also extended.

Ultra-thin Bezels

There is a covering of ultra-thin Bezels around the displayed surface which is gossip about the iPhone 15 pro. That is going to be a more fascinating and awesome screen, as per the body ratio.

Faster USB-C Port

Analyst Ming-Chi Kyo has stated that a USB-C support of around a figure of USB 3.2 is coming along with this device. It will certainly become a cause of the fast speed of transferring the data, which is in comparison to present iPhones, which are lightning base is important.

Wifi 6e support

With the immense support of Wi-Fi 6e, which facilitates fast wireless connectivity, the iPhone 15 Pro is going to be awesome. This technology is already working in some iPhone Pro models.

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