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Voice Referendum Confirmed: What’s Next in Store for this Historical Event

Voice Referendum Confirmed: What's Next in Store for this Historical Event

The Senate passed the voice referendum bill while a thrilling clap was going on. But to some extent, the side effects of this harsh division of bills for the country are hard to rule out. The political voices on the referendum are signalling something serious, which is questionable as per respect and politeness are concerned. One of the members of the Senate, Pauline Hanson, asked a question related to billions of dollars where the government has spent these dollars on domestic Australians.

Australia’s Voice Referendum on the Horizon

In Australia, there is some confusion about the voice referendum, which is understandable to some extent. Most Australians are still doubtful about how this body regulates its work which comes as a result of the referendum, how they even select their representation, and what impact this referendum body creates. But the confusion will come to an end after the voting, which is expected in the month of October.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, while addressing, shared his views and stressed the fact that the voice of referendum and constitutional identification both are the same thing which is not meant to separate as we are facing a referendum as a national unity moment. He further adds to his words, saying that heading towards constitutional amendments in the presence of warning from Aussie people’s tradition is more than a challenge to face. It is hard to convince a majority of people, as in the majority of the states, for referendum support.

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