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Liveable City Index: Brisbane Robbed but Outshines Sydney on Origin Night

Liveable City Index: Brisbane Robbed but Outshines Sydney on Origin Night

Once again, the opportunity comes but in vain because Brisbane has lost the chance to stand in the list of the ten most worlds liveable countries losing, especially to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. According to the Global liveability index, the Economists Intelligence Units suggests that Melbourne stands in 3rd place, moving from 10th place as the health care score, and following him, Sydney has also scored by standing four moving from 13th place in 2023 worldwide. 

Brisbane’s Unfortunate Drop to 16th Position Despite Marginal Improvement

But opposite to this Brisbane has unluckily dropped down to 16th position which is slightly an improve in the position than the previous year. In the year 2021, it hardly reaches 10th place due to the positive management in the calamity of Covid 19, which trails just behind Melbourne City. As there is a sense of confusion among Queenslanders, the 16th rank of the place of Brisbane ranked behind Adelaide and Perth, which is the same standing on the score of 12. Instead of all this, Brisbane has an equal score in terms of health, stability, and education. Brisbane has a score of 95 out of 100 in stability programs, 100 in health care, and the same in education.

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