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Who is Dana Mandela? What is her relationship with Jason Giambi?

Dana Mandela

Have you ever heard the name, Dana Mandela? Many people are curious to know about her, but the reason is unknown. A famous celebrity’s life is full of adventures, and fame comes to them instantly, but if someone is a famous star, people want to know about their personal life and relationship details. The same is the case with Dana Mandela. Who is she, and what is her relationship with Jason Giambi is a common question asked by many people. In this article, we will find out all details about Dana Mandela’s life to know her better. 

Who Is Dana Mandela?

Dana Mandela is the ex-wife of Jason Giambi, who is an American famous baseball player. She is his first wife, and she is known to the media as the first wife of Jason Giambi. Her life is not open to the media, but she has to face the media because of her husband, a famous baseball player. People know nothing about her personal life except some pictures of her shared with her ex-husband. Jason Giambi is not with her now, as he passed away at the age of 47 on February 9, 2022. According to different reports, Jason Giambi died of a suicide attempt. He was a famous baseball player, and his sudden mysterious death shocked people, and people started searching for Dana Mandela’s life and her relationship details with Jason Giambi. 

Dana Mandela’s relationship with Jason Giambi

Dana Mandela is the ex-wife of Jason Giambi, who had a relationship with Jason Giambi since 1996 and got married in 1998. Their marriage lasted only two years, and they separated in 2000. She is still single and never wants to get married again.

Where Is Dana Mandela Now?

Jason Giambi’s ex-wife is now in the United States, and she is living in her family house. After her husband’s death, she is yet not available for any public appearance and comes on the media for any details about her husband’s death. Dana Mandela and Jason Giambi start their relationship and have been together since 1996.  

What is Dana Mandela’s current age? 

Dana Mandela’s current status is still unmarried, and her age is 40 now; she is living in the United States in her family house. After separating from her husband, she is away from public gatherings and the media. People want to know about her but cannot as she doesn’t want to be in the limelight. 


Dana Mandela is not a public figure, and we find out that she is not a celebrity, but she is known to people because of the ex-wife of Jason Giambi, who is a baseball star and plays in the national team of the U.S.

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