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iPhone 15: Playing it Safe, Missing the Vision Pro-Level Risk for Phones

iPhone 15: Playing it Safe, Missing the Vision Pro-Level Risk for Phones

The previous history of Apple tells that this company is famous for its risk-taking capability on the release of every product. Risk is a two-way traffic that can go either way, benefit or loss. Hence, some examples which are taken from successful sides are the release of the Mac and iPhone, which gained immense fame, but on the other side of the picture, the story of Lisa and Newton unfolds the destructive portion. The next launch Apple will make is the next generation Apple Vision Pro Headset, to which the risk is also attached, and it is yet to be determined whether this venture will succeed.

iPhone 14: Rumors and Expectations

Apple is going risk-free from the previous many years as per its iPhone technology. One of the main criticized versions is iPhone 14, in which the upgradation process lacks behind its predecessor as per customer satisfaction. There is doubt that some improvements come with iPhone 14, but it is very obvious that the company saves its energies in the form of salient features for the next generation, which showed in the Pro models.

There is some gossip going around that the launch of the iPhone will come with some dynamic changes with a grand display with an additional feature which is a shift towards USB-C. It is still not up to the task, but it is expected that it will make the user’s experience the best one, as the question of perfection is a concern; it is not a source of amusement for those who have a die-hard following of this android.

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