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Who Is Verizon CEO? Real Facts About His Wealth 

Verizon Ceo

Do you want to know who Verizon Ceo is? How much recognition and wealth he has earned in his life? These are the common question people always ask when they hear about Verizon. It is a big company, so people are curious about Verizon Ceo. This article will teach us about the Ceo and his wealth details.

Who is Verizon Ceo?

Who is Verizon’s chief executive officer (Verizon Ceo)? He is none other than Hans Vestberg. Verizon is a company that provides global information and services in terms of fiber optic and wireless worldwide.

Hans Vestberg remained in the high ranks in the Verizon company as president of Global Networks and chief technology officer in 2017. As he remained in a couple of positions, he was responsible for developing the architecture of fiber-centric networks of Verizon company.

The company appointed him as a CEO in August 2018 and remained in the key post of chairman Board of Directors in March 2019. Before giving his entry to Verizon, he worked for more than six years as president and CEO of Ericsson, the worldwide leader in telecommunications equipment business and networking, the headquarters of which is located in Sweden. 

The company took necessary steps by reshuffling the order of their senior leadership back in March. With this reshuffling process, Tony Skiadas replaced Matt Elis, who was th3 former Chief Financial Officer, and gave the responsibility of the CEO post to Sowmyanarayan Sampath in the Verizon Consumer group. Verizon Communications has hired the services of Spencer Stuart in terms of executive recruiting and advisory for searching for a CEO and CFO.

Career and Education of Verizon Ceo

Hans Vest Berg served 2017 the company as CTO and executive VP of the new network and Technology before the company Verizon appointed him to the boss post. Before this, he worked for a company named Ericsson. He was included in the Ericsson Cables way back in 1991 in Hudiksvall. He also worked in some senior posts in China, Brazil, Chile and Sweden.

While serving tenure at Ericsson from 2010 to 2016, he remained CEO and President of the company. In the period from 2007 to 2009, he remained the CFO of the company. In 2002 when he was in Mexico, he was appointed president of Ericsson company. Before this, from 2000 to 2002, while his stay in North America, he remained the CFO. From the year 1998 to 2000, he remained the CFO of Ericsson in Brazil. Hans VestBerg took a degree in business administration from Uppsala University, located in Sweden, back in 1991.

How old is Hans Vestberg?

He is now in the 55th year of his life, and he enjoyed his duty by serving on the two major ranks in the company named Verizon Communication Inc, respectively, as Verizon CEO and Chief Executive Officer from 2019 onwards. The number of older executives is 13, and the number of younger executives is 10. The oldest employee who worked as an executive in this company is Gregory Weaver, now 68 and also an Independent director.

 Verizon Ceo Hans VestBerg Net Worth

The estimated Hens VestBerg Net worth from the 2nd of March 2023 is $29 Million. Verizon Ceo now owns 35,946 units of Verizon Communication Inc stock worth more than $10,912836. Still, unfortunately, in the previous six years, he sold out the VZStock for nothing amount. While remaining in the key posts of chairman and Chief executive officer at Verizon Communication Inc, he made $18,095,400.

What is Verizon Ceo Hans VestBerg salary?

His total salary while representing the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Verizon Communication Inc was $18,095,400. After him, no executive officer exceeded him in terms of salary.


As discussed in detail, Verizon Ceo Hans VestBerg remained a competitive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Communication Inc for a long time. His work started back in 1998 and till now going on, and his present net worth is $29 Million. His salary was $18,095,400 when Vestberg was chairman of the board and chief officer of the Verizon company.

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