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Wack 100 Net Worth: Hidden Facts About Rapper

Wack 100 Net Worth

Have you ever heard about a personality who got popular in the hip-hop industry at an amazing fast pace, there is only one person and that is wack 100. Beginning his journey to make the records to become one of the most familiar personalities in the music industry. In this article, you will get to know about Wack 100 Net Worth, wife, career, and many more things about him. Let’s talk about his life and personality first.


Cash Jones is the real name of Wack 100. On April 7th, 1977, he was born in Pacoima, California, United States.  He has graduated from local school. Wack 100 got married to Kimberly. Wack 100 and his wife have been married for the last 27 years and still they are together and a happy couple. THe couple has two children. There is no doubt that he is having such an amazing married life and professional life as a music executive.

Wack 100 Career

Jones grew up as a celebrity manager in the music industry to manage rappers like The Game and Blueface. Then, he will be a part of Universal Music Group, after signing a long term contract where he will be capable of managing growing artists on the label.

Wack 100 and the famous personality of music together Birdman joined forces to build Cash Money Records and have signed a number of musicians. Jones has made headlines for himself, including a disputed statement related to rapper Nipsey Hussle that obtained a lot of assessment from the rap community.

He is an entrepreneur with a number of businesses, including the record label Cash Money West and the song publishing business Wack song. He promotes other people’s business and displays his own talent in his own magazine, The Wackness.

Personal Life

When he was a teenager, Wack 100 started dating Kimberly Jones and he got married in his early 20s. They are having two children named Devyn Jones and Prince Jones. Wack 100 has provided a lot of interviews about his life during his career. Jones has also expressed controversial opinions about hip hop.

Awards and Achievements

Since the early 2010s, Wack 100 has been one of the most popular hip-hop CEOs and endured numerous memorable events. Here are some awards of Wack 100:

Customers of The Game got back-to-back Ozone Awards for Best West Coast Rap Album in 2007 and Best West Coast Rap Artist in 2008.

Blueface was one of his most recent clients, and was nominated for Best New Artist.

Along with Cardi B and YG, Blueface was nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award for Thotiana in the category of Best Remix.

With the release of All I Feel, Ray-J, another Wack 100 client, reached the top of the US R&B charts.

The Cash Money label artists that have received BET Award nominations.

Cash Jones, said that he is training his daughter to succeed in the music industry because he doesn’t intend to stay in the music industry for very long.

He continued by indicating his need to enter the diaper industry, which would be a fascinating change of path for his career.


Wack 100 has a long history of controversy involvement moreover to his musical successes. He became one of the most contentious personalities in the music industry as a result of his statements on the late musician Tupac’s passing.

Then come to his remarks on Nipsey Hussle’s passing. Following the remark that Nipsey was an untrue legend since he hadn’t been alive long enough to make a name for himself.

This comment received a lot of criticism from musicians who believed that it was excessively touchy. His remark prompted J Rock, a longtime Nipsey friend and part of his security team, to attack Wack 100 at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles.

Wack got into it with 21 in August 2021 after making an appearance on the social app ClubHouse. Before having an appearance with rapper 6ix9ine, 21 criticized Wack of being dull, sparking a dispute. Wack claims that his company with rapper 6ix9ine is worth $43 million.

Other Businesses

Wack 100 net worth is estimated to $5 million. He intends to quit the music industry behind in order to focus on his side projects, which include a brand-new podcast, an entertainment business, and even his diaper line.

Moreover, to his managing abilities, he once worked with Birdman to form Cash Money West, a division of Cash Money Records. Furthermore, he established his own business, “5th Amendment Entertainment.”

Wack 100 Net Worth

Wack 100 is celebrity manager, American music executive, and businessman from Pacoima, California. He is one of the successful music industry’s prosperous record executives.

Wack 100 started his musical career in 1999 and became popular in the rap world due to his partnerships with Suge Knight. He obtained fame when he was hired as The Game’s full-time manager.

He gained a few more skilled musicians throughout the following few years, especially Blueface. The most popular musician, 6ix9ine, was the most prominent name that the Wack 100 managed to get in 2021. Wack 100 net worth is $5 million as of 2023.


Cash Jones is undoubtedly one of the greatest names in rap music behind the scenes, regardless of whether people agree with what he says in interviews. His daughter is expected to take over the company as he and his wife Kimberly Jones build a family business, but that doesn’t mean Wack 100 will stop working.

Wack 100 is going to keep playing a significant role as a manager and business owner, hoping to boost his already great net worth. Wack 100’s net worth reached $5 million as of August 2023.

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