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Active and Alive: Secret to a Vibrant Life in Your Golden Years

Active and Alive: Secret to a Vibrant Life in Your Golden Years

A Cambridge study disclosed a connection between a lack of physical activities and the secondary quality of life in adults aged 30 up to 50. 

The research of Cambridge involves 1500 adults, the ages of which are above 60, in this thorough study which shows a lower level of life standard in terms of reduced physical activity.

The results of this study emphasized the harmful effects which cause inactive behavior, e.g., Reading frequently or watching tv without any space in time. The researchers have stressed that we have to find ways and means to derive a passage for older adults which can make their lifestyle active.

Lowering the Risk of Disease through Regular Physical Activity

The danger of different diseases can be lowered by maintaining regular physical activity, especially of average ferocity, which helps to raise the heart rate level. The diseases from which your body remains at risk are Cancer, Stroke, Heart disease, and Diabetes in case you deny these physical activities at this age.

The organization NHS has given suggestions to adults to carry out two types of workouts per week, the first is average ferocity physical activity, which goes up to 150 minutes, and the second is high-level ferocity physical activity, which can sustain up to 75 minutes. Further, they recommend that you indulge in the habit of standing or some light exercise, which helps you to get rid of more extended versions of inactivity and makes you healthier with the advancement in your age factor.

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