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George Lopez Net Worth: Get All His Wealth Details

George Lopez Net Worth

Do you know who George Lopez is? Most people know about the person because he is one of America’s most famous standup comedians. He has a sweet personality and a good sense of humor that takes the attention of many people, and Lopez earned a lot of money from his career, making people curious about George Lopez net worth. In this article, we will discuss his life and assets details.

Who is George Lopez?

A boy named George Lopez was born in the Los Angeles suburb of mission hills, California, in 1961, 23rd of April. His name was George Lopez. Lopez belonged to a Mexican ancestry. His grandmother brought him up. He is a famous American comedian and actor. Going back in history, in 1999, he hosted an important morning show on the radio in Los Angeles. Recently after that, he became the first Latino to make headlines by conducting a morning show on the English Language station in LA.

He remained very famous in his production ABC sitcom George Lopez. He was enjoying a successful career in comedy before going to his creation. This George Lopez show remained from 2002 to 2007 on ABC, which was a co-creation production and written as well. In the total duration of this show, five years, Lopez was awarded $12 million for a season. Time magazine declared him in the “Top 25 Hispanics in America” in 2005. George Lopez net worth is of about $45 million.

Career Of George Lopez

George Lopez took 6.5 percent of royalties as a co-producer creator when the show sold into syndication in the fall of 2007. From that of syndication Lopez earned an estimated $20 million. He continued his journey of performing live shows by touring a country even though his schedule was very much tight. He got $8.5 million with one-year standup performances. Lopez hosted a night show for two seasons titled Lopez Tonight TBS, which went on air from Monday to Thursday.

Once he appeared in Howard Stern on March 2014, George acknowledged the reality that once he had a handsome amount of $50 million, but to his bad luck, he lost half the money due to his divorce. He is widely famous among the Latino community, including in Time Magazine, where he is well known as one of the top 25 Hispanics in America. George Lopez has this brilliance to his name by hosting two awards. The first was the Latin Grammy Award twice and the Emmy Award only once.

He did his Lopez series on Television, which is considered a debut in 2016. He produced the show as an executive, as he did in 2014 in the tv series Saint George. Lopez was selected and declared a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television in 2006 at 6801 Hollywood BLVD. Going back to 2011, he was declared a winner and awarded an ALMA award for his night show Lopez Tonight.

George Lopez Net worth

According to an estimate by some sources, George Lopez net worth as of 2023 is $45 million. Giving attention to his career, he made a million-dollar empire. George is a standup comedian in America whose date of birth is the 23rd of April 1961. He earned a handsome amount of money during his excellent and impressive career. According to a survey, his monthly income is $12 million. But a long future is waiting for him to achieve out of the extra then of now.

George Lopez salary per year & earnings 

Assets 2014  $26,75,000
Earnings 2013$12 Million
Earnings 2010 $18 Million
Earnings 2009$20 Million
Earnings 2007 $26 Million

Lopez House Details

George Lopez purchased a house in Los Feliz next to Los Angeles in 2014 for a worth of 2.67 million. The house consisted of an area of more than 4100- square-foot which was Mediterranean in style. On the whole, it has four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The house was designed to make the whole city view clear from the two-story window. Additionally, a pool and a patio area were in place in the backyard. Further, it has a privately constructed master suite with an attached balcony.

Salary Highlights

During his ongoing sitcoms for five years, Lopez earned a respectable amount of $12 million per season. As he was entitled to a 6.5% royalty and the show sold to syndication, Lopez earned $20 million. As an additional income of one year of stand-out performance, he earned $8.5 Million to sold-out crowds. 

Real estate

Going back in history, in 2001, he and his wife, Ann, bought a house in the neighborhood of LA’s Toluca Lake for an estimated $1.349 million. After living in this house for hardly three years, they sold out this house in 2014 for a decent amount that was more than the purchasing price of $1.85 Million. In 2004, they again bought a house worth $2.459 Million in Toluca Lake. But unfortunately, they went into separation after being divorced in 2011. But George handed over this house to Ann. Later on, Ann sold out this house in 2022 to an actress named Jean Smart for $5.25 Million.


George Lopez stands tall as a star comedian in America. He hosted many shows and became famous on radio. Further, he was on two award shows on a trot. He was awarded an Alma award for his amazing hosting skills. George Lopez net worth is $45 Million in 2023. As of present, he is single as he took a divorce from his wife Ann in 2011. So, these are the few details that we have collected for the viewers to let them know Lopez in a better and more understanding way.

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