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Iver Cairn: Scientist of the Year at Australian Space Awards 2023

Iver Cairn: Scientist of the Year at Australian Space Awards 2023

Are you wondering who has been honored with the Scientist of the Year Award at the 2023 Australian space awards? He is none other than Professor Iver Cairn from the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. Professor Iver is the director of the Australian Research Council Training Centre for CubeSats; UAVs and their applications (CUAVA)  are based at the University.

Professor Iver is also a partener at Waratah Seed. Waratah Seed, a consortium the NSW government supports, launched Australia’s first ride-share space mission. The aim of the mission is to provide affordable satellite access for Australian industries. 

The award ceremony is on 17 May 2023 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. Cairns is very excited and feels gratitude for the recognition. He also highlights the university’s contribution to Australian space research and CUAVA’s role in attracting students, industry partners, and funding to the country’s space sector.

In 2021, CUAVA was launched successfully as an Australian-designed and built mini satellite from the International space station, facilitated by a SpaceX Falcon rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Professor Emma Johnston, Deputy Vice-chancellor, congratulates Professor Iver and admires his dedication and support for Australia’s growing space industry. Professor Cairn is very thankful to the research team and the University of Sydney, CUAVA Waratah Seed student. He also emphasises their work for collaborative efforts in developing a robust and internationally recognized Australian space sector.

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