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Trubisky Signs Two-Year Extension with Steelers

Trubisky Signs Two-Year Extension with Steelers

Winning the Backup Game: Pittsburgh Steelers Lock in Mitch Trubisky with Two-Year Contract Extension

According to a credible source, Pittsburgh Steeler will finalize a two-year contract extension with former Mitch Trubisky. He finalizes the extension decision just before a year left on Trubisky’s current backup quarterback contract.

Steeler’s general manager Omar Khan confirms the news in an interview with “The Pat McAfee Show.” He disclosed that they were planning on an extension with Trubisky, but the deal’s length is unknown. Omar Khan also shows confidence in the teams’ quarterback room with Trubisky in a valuable backup role and Kenny Pickett as a starter player. 

Trubisky’s extension is a good sign, and it provides sheer flexibility for the team, as his original contract is counted to be  $10.6 million which is against the 2023 salary cap. The extension is also security proof as a top-tier backup, and he will receive $8 million in the first year of the extension. 

Trubisky was selected as a team captain, highlighting his importance to the Steeler’s roster.

Omar also expressed his desire to sustain Trubisky during the NFL combine in February, giving a hint of an extension. Trubisky joins with Steelers on a two-year contract of $14 million in 2022 after spending the year as Josh Allen’s Backup in Buffalo. 

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