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Qantas Surprises with New Flights and Training Center Construction

Qantas Surprises with New Flights and Training Center Construction

It is a great day for people in Australia because today, Qantas Airlines has now announced that they will make capacity expansion. They will also start their new flight training center construction soon. 

Over the past few years, the Australian Government has been concerned about limited capacity and increased airfare costs, specifically on international routes. However, here Qantas is your savior because they surprise everyone with its recent announcement to add one million extra seats to its international network in the next twelve months. 

Unlike other airlines in the Asia-pacific region, which is careful in increasing capacity, Qantas is taking a bold step toward its recovery and future. The airplane plans to reach 100% of its 2019 international capacity by March 2024, as compared to 44% of it was operating one year ago and the current level is of 84%. 

Qantas is taking some necessary steps to achieve this milestone.

  • They started flights to Tokyo, Los Angles, and New York. 
  • They double the flight frequency between Australia and Japan, with four daily services.
  • Qantas launches two new international flights from Brisbane.
  • They trained approximately 300 additional pilots and cabin crew members to support their expanded flight schedules.

Qantas will make sure that their services again start to San Fransico next week and introduce new services in June, such as Sydney to New York JFK via Auckland, as well as seasonal flights to Rome and Hong Kong from Melbourne.

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