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Biden’s Global Diplomacy: Addressing US Debt Standoff with Indo-Pacific Leaders

Biden's Global Diplomacy: Addressing US Debt Standoff with Indo-Pacific Leaders

The quad members’ countries meeting was held in the city of Japan named Hiroshima, in which  Joe Biden tried to convince the PM of India, Australia, and Japan that the United States of America would not default. This conference was reorganized as America is under a debt limit standoff. Joe Biden was also briefed that how China is stamping its authority in the Indo-Pacific region besides these talks.

 It was decided to tie up again in the G7 Summit that enables Biden to come back to Washington to ensure maximum damage control by enhancing American borrowing limits to avoid facing the worst.

The Biden efforts are affected by establishing US projections on debt limit negotiations, but somehow panic is not created before world leadership relates to the situation, as the statement comes from Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary.

In this summit, Biden met with the PM of Australia, Mr. Anthony Albanese, and apologized for not visiting Australia as was decided before. They have signed a treaty that they cooperate for future raw material production, which is necessary for clean energy. That helps fasten their relationships, and joined press release is issued to cooperate in trade, defense, and space.

In order to compete with China’s construction and loans strategy, it is also highlighted that the low-progressing economies needed heavy investments in infrastructure. Biden expressed his efforts of mobilization of more than $30 billion in the shape of investments and gave his mind to do extra efforts.

Due to the cancellation of Biden’s visit to Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Island Nations summit, the state secretary was given the responsibility on his behalf as this region has its strategic importance between China and the United States of America on conflicting shipping lane issues.

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