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Trails Carolina Death: Complete Details

Trails Carolina Death

Have you ever come across the name Trails Carolina? Then you also have questions about Trails Carolina Death. Let’s find out the absolute truth behind the story. In this article, we will know everything related to Trails Carolina death. So, read this article to learn all the details.

What is Trails Carolina Therapy Center?

The teens having issues like behavior and mental health, including depression and anxiety, came here for treatment ages 17-20, which is a teenager in Trails Carolina Therapy Center. This program is executed in the mountain region of North Carolina, having its base in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It comes with experiential therapy, tailored clinical programming, and family-focused treatment to help the lower age teens. This specific place is related to Trials Carolina death, which is discussed below in detail.

History of Trails Carolina Therapy Center

A team of therapists and educators related to wilderness opened this Trails Carolina Therapy Center in 2023.

Legality of Wilderness Therapy Programs

As far as the United States is concerned, these therapy programs are considered legal. Still, there are some of the most important things to know before going into this program, for instance, the qualifications and experience of the staff member, the program philosophy, and their conduct towards the treatment.

Aim of Trails Carolina Therapy Center

The main target of this center, Trails Carolina Therapy, is to cope with the problems regarding teens in terms of helping them develop their skills here and giving them the confidence they need to build a successful life.

  • Develop a mechanism that ensures healthy coping.
  • Improve in relationship and relationship skills.
  • Build on patience and self-confidence.
  • Make an increase in the sense of responsibility and accountability.
  • Get to know the positive changes when required.
  • Get recovered from Trauma.
  • Having success at academy studies.

How Does Trails Carolina Therapy Center Work?

The teens who come here to get treatment at the Trails Carolina Therapy Center. This treatment lasts 6-12 weeks, but the time can be changed according to the needs of the participants here.

They are primarily involved in activities like staying at Trails Carolina Therapy Center.

  • Group and individual therapy.
  • Academics 
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential therapy is like rock climbing.

What People Say About Trails Carolina Therapy Center: Actual Participants’ Negative Experiences

There are some negative experiences already registered here by the past participants at the center of Trails Carolina Therapy. Before this, one of the ladies, Kathleen Reilly, registered her plea here as she moved at the Trails Carolina Therapy Center against her will. She unfolded that the program management forced her to take the essential hygiene for an extended time.

These two stories came up, but following these, there are many stories like these at Trails Carolina Therapy Center. We have summarized the hostile experiences of some of the participants here in the article of WBTV.

Isolation and restriction: 

The older participants unfolded a reality that they were isolated big time and remained separated without contact with their families. They couldn’t have been allowed to leave for only one moment in a program.

Lack of hygiene:

The older participants also said they needed permission to take basic hygiene with them for extended periods. Additionally, they were not permitted to clean their teeth daily.

Physical and emotional abuse: 

The program participants said they were severely abused by the crew member, including punching and kicking. Remember that Trails Carolina Therapy Center has denied these allegations of abuse. This abusive issue in this Trails Carolina Therapy Centre has raised issues about the type of care provided here. Parents must take specific, careful measures before sending their children here.

Trails Carolina Death List

It was 2014 when a young man lost his life during hiking when he fell unluckily after hypothermia. Alec was 17 years old, and this incident occurred in Nantahala National Stadium.

Alec separated from an expedition group in this wilderness therapy program at the Trails Carolina located in Lake Toxaway. People last saw him on the 10th of November. Trails Carolina comes with a wilderness therapy program for that youth, the life at risk in which they came up with issues like abuse and mental behavior.

His body was spotted not far from where he left the group, confirmed by Major Shanon Queen, coming from Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Several agencies searched for his body, which was difficult because of the mountain terrain.

In the Autopsy of his body, one thing that came out as the cause for his death was hypothermia and a broken hip before going into a state of Hyperthermia. Removed Moss from the tree came as evidence along with the significant part of the weather as the temperature on the 10th,11th, and 12th of November, respectively, was 40,45,48. Trails Carolina Death.

These temperatures add to the cause of death. It was too cold to get close to hypothermia at that time. As of present, it is difficult to say how much time his body remained in the stream.

This incident deeply saddened his family and the community. The same incident occurred in a water activity when a boy drowned in a creek named Paris Wallace in 2021.


Wilderness therapy programs are termed more as controversial topics. There is one thing on one side: it is a way to channel the issue of teens by overcoming their challenges, but there is another thought in the process that it becomes abusive and dangerous. People connect the Trails Carolina death list with incidents like Alec and Paris’s death due to the wilderness therapy program at Trails Carolina.

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