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Xtorch Net Worth: Revenue Details In 2023

Xtorch net worth

pDo you know what Xtorch is? People who know are curious to know about xtorch net worth. To know all the details of its revenue and net worth, you have to read this article in detail, Read the article, and learn all the information.

What is Xtorch?

We can term Xtorch as that torch we can charge under the sunlight by just getting into its use. We can take this torch outdoors and indoors for our usage, and you can experience it with the water’s presence.

What is this thinking about the Xtorch? We can understand this term as Xtorch is that torch takes energy from the sun. This is the correct thinking. This torch has some sun energy before the time you can take it with you on any journey or adventure, and it shines more vigorously as a result of it. You can use it for several purposes, starting from your hiking passage in some forest to studying late at night, and all the credit goes to its versatility. 

The most salient feature regarding this Xtorch is its battery life period. Having one charge, it will survive for two days. Here, we can save the wastage of money on purchasing the batteries. Now, you don’t have to worry as you have the torch light option with you while traveling somewhere else. This torch comes with a battery timing span of 7-10 years when using it as usual, where it provides excellent services, for example, studying, camping, and other tasks that require low light. You also have to give credit to its battery coming out with the power of 3000 MAH lithium-ion. You can charge it both ways, either by solar energy or ordinary electricity. This topic focuses on Xtorch net worth in detail.

Xtorch Beginnings:

Keidy took Gene on an adventurous journey to the African countries, where they found some creatures with an energy shortage. They had their emotions when they met a group of students who lacked light at night. Both the pair remained stunned when Keidy got malaria, which she got in the dark. Gene got this creation of Xtorch done in the year of 2015. Having its feature of light, it also comes with the extra part of a phone charging as a charger.

Xtorch Revenue

When Xtorch was live telecasted on the Shark Tank program, the annual sales of the company were $12,500.After two months, they sold out the products for $60,000, but the revenue generation had slowed down from that time. After the sudden spread of COVID-19, Xtorch continued to discontinue its functions due to a sudden lack of silicon chips around the globe. After this sudden strike of the pandemic, the company came under a considerable loss and faced problems regarding the continuity of the ads running in the market. As of present, the company is only making revenue generation of $90,000

Xtorch Net Worth

When Xtorch went live on the shark tank, the total Xtorch net worth was $1.5 million. A stranger, Robert, came to purchase the company for just $500k, but the founders said no to him very loud and clear. As of the present scenario, the company has decided to sell the remaining stock to raise a valuable amount. Storch is now available at the Giant store Amazon with a considerable discount.

The rejection of selling out the company to Robert will hit like a thorn to those who have initiated this company. Most of the experts believed that they had to accept the offer of Robert for a royalty component. Most people have borne loss and profit from having Shark Tank 30 in place on air the show Shark Tank.

The total value of the shark tank has suddenly crippled down to more than 60%, and it is expected that it will fall apart from this. With several other competitors in the market with cheaper rates compared to it, that is why Xtorch is on the way to a complete loss. Worth detail of the xtorch is as follows:

XTorch Net Worth 2023$200,000
XTorch Net Worth Details 2022$270,000
XTorch Net Worth 2021$325,000 
XTorch Net Worth  Details 2020 $500,000 
XTorch Net Worth 2019$360,000 
XTorch Net Worth Details 2018$120,000


What amount exactly was spent regarding Xtorch on the famous show SharkTank?

The current value of Xtorch is $34.

Who is the founder of Xtorch?

Xtorch was initiated by two individuals named Gene Palusky and Keidy Lora.

What is Xtorch Shark Tank?

Xtorch is mainly recognized as a multipurpose flashlight, which first appeared in the 18th episode and 12th season of Shark Tank.

Who is the acting CEO of Xtorch?

Gene Palusky is the CEO of Xtorch.


From the time of its pitch to the Shark Tank till to now, as an emerging business, they have proved one thing tremendously: nothing is impossible if it has the right idea and execution in place. We are more than interested in the future of Xtorch and its continued success. Increasing demand is proof of Xtorch net worth.

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